November 28, 2020

Venezuela, Stop Censorship!

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723651-1358301268-main  Target: Venezuela Government

Sponsored by: Brittany E.G.

Recently, law enforcement searched the home of Federico Medina Ravell, who was accused of writing tweets questioning information the government has said about President Hugo Chavez’s health. His wife and children were detained and two computers were taken from his residency. He is now under investigation for “instigating terrorism in social networks”.

The government also commanded Globovision, a television station, to stop spreading information questioning the government on whether an inauguration can happen without the president being in Venezuela. To justify their actions they pointed to article 27 of Venezuela’s broadcasting law, which says that nothing can be broadcasted that “denies authority” or “threatens public order”.

Freedom of speech is a right. Please tell Venezuela to stop censorship and the instillation of fear in the media!

To sign the petition go to:

Care2 censoring media


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