July 12, 2020

Venezuela: Respect Free Speech!


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signatures: 5,458

signature goal: 10,000

Target: Venezuela Government

Sponsored by: Brittany E.G.

Since the slight victory of Nicolas Maduro in the recent Venezuelan elections, the country has erupted in horrifically violent protests. Maduro’s opponent challenged the results, but the request for a recount by the National Electoral Council was denied.

Maduro said he would respond with an “iron fist”, not allowing his opposition to hold a rally. He said that the media could choose between fascism or the government, and forced the media to play footage of him opening hospitals.

Meanwhile, riots in the country have raged on, resulting in the injuries of dozens of people.

Please tell the Venezuelan government that true democracy must rely on fairness, not oppression. Urge them not to limit free speech, freedom of assembly, or freedom of the press, and instead invite open and honest dialogue to stop the Venezuelan violence immediately.

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