December 7, 2021

Vape bands: The best vaping accessories and how to use them

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The number of smokers drastically decreased over the last period, and everyone has been wondering how and why. But vaping plays a significant role in this case, with its record-breaking popularity. Ever since the first vape products hit the market; the public has gained substantial interest in what different vaping tools have in store for them.

Until now, vaping has evolved into a separate and highly successful industry where companies and brands come up with new flavors and devices every day. Moreover, some vaping accessories are also of significant importance, such as vape bands.

Here, you can find out everything about them and learn more about the different ways you can use these handy accessories.

More about vape bands

If you’re a fellow vaper, you’ve undoubtedly received strange mini rubber rings with some of your purchases. At first, no one was quite familiar with what these products could be used for, which probably happened to you.

As you can guess, these are vape bands commonly used to protect your vape devices and tools. Vape bands come in various sizes, colors, and materials. Although you can find plastic bands too, rubber and silicone bands remain the most popular choices thanks to a better grip, increased flexibility, and higher heat resistance.

If you’re a proud owner of some high-quality vape devices, such as Vaporesso products, or want to protect your devices, vape bands are the ultimate solution. As the best way to protect your expensive gear from breaking, vape bands are certainly a must-have accessory for every vaper.

Here are the top 5 uses of vape bands which also makes them the best vaping accessory.

IMAGE: Unsplash

Protect your expensive tank

The primary and critical purpose of vape bands is to protect your tank. Even though modern tanks are made of durable and thick glass, they’ll still shatter when dropped. What’s more, the tanks can be pretty expensive, which is yet another reason to protect them.

Even if you’re incredibly cautious with your vape device, accidents can still happen. Whether the glass rolled to the floor while you were disassembling and cleaning your mod or someone accidentally pushed you in a crowded space, the sensitive glass will break sooner or later.

So, if you’re tired of wasting your money on purchasing new tanks and wasting your precious e-juice, get a vape band. It’ll act as a protective layer on the delicate glass material and prevent countless accidents from occurring.

Prevent any spillage or leakage

Ingredients and chemicals used in e-juices combined with high temperatures and constant use can deteriorate the vacuum, leading to leakage of the precious e-juice. Not only does a leaky tank waste the expensive e-liquid, but it also creates a mess!

There’s always some free space in the airflow slot which liquids can go through. When you’re carrying your mod in a pocket, backpack, or even worse, when it’s tucked in the luggage while traveling, there’s a high chance of vape juice leaking and ruining everything it gets in contact with.

A cost-effective solution is to purchase a vape band that’ll prevent any spillage or leakage from happening and keep your other possessions clean and safe.

IMAGE: Unsplash

Have a better grip

We all know that vaping mods must be regularly cleaned. But, many vapers postpone this moment as much as possible because it requires time and effort. As a result, tanks can be gunked up by the old e-juice or overtightened, making dismantling more complicated. Small and delicate parts don’t make this process any easier.

If you’re struggling with stubborn parts that won’t budge, try using a vape band. Not only will it cover the breakable glass tanks and prevent them from breaking, but the rubbery material will also provide you with a better grip. You’ll open any tank quickly and easily, so the cleaning process won’t be as frustrating and time-consuming as before.

Protect your e-juice

Your vape mods aren’t the only thing that benefits from vape bands. Namely, you can use your vape bands to protect your e-juice bottles as well.

This is especially useful when you’re traveling. If you’re taking multiple e-juice containers with you, there’s a high chance they’ll break during the trip. Your luggage tends to be thrown around by the airport personnel, which can cause all your glass e-liquid bottles to bang against each other and create a catastrophe.

To avoid this from happening, simply place a vape band on each of your e-juice bottles. Although the fit might be tight on some bottle sizes, the flexible silicone and rubber material will stretch. As a result, you’ll have protected e-juice bottles during the entire trip.

IMAGE: Unsplash

Personalize your device

Finally, you can’t deny vape bands upgrade the appearance of your plain mod. Because of that, vape bands are also becoming trendy items many vapers started to collect.

Brands are coming up with all kinds of creative vape band designs that can transform just about any mod. Therefore, it allows you to personalize your device, make it unique, and creatively express your style.

Even if you own the most boring mod, you can grab the attention of many by using these colorful and fun vape bands.

Final thoughts

All in all, it’s safe to say vape bands are the best vaping accessory currently on the market. Although they were primarily created to protect delicate glass tanks, creative vape users found numerous other purposes.

As vape bands are inexpensive and many brands even gift them through purchases, we highly recommend all vapers to try them out and protect their expensive vape tools and products.


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