October 28, 2020

Valentines Day lingerie


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Valentines Day gifts should be intimate and special tokens of love. Lingerie is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Lingerie makes the recipient feel special and brings pleasure to the gift giver as well.

Sexy lingerie doesn’t necessarily mean skimpy thongs and barely there bras! A woman looks and feels her most sexy in flattering underwear which feels good against her skin, enhances her figure and is clearly high quality. Sensual and chic underwear that can be worn everyday, whether for a romantic meal out or to make her smile at work is a far more thoughtful present than a black feather trimmed baby-doll which will be worn once and then be buried at the back of a cupboard.

If you want to make the best of both worlds and buy sexy Valentines lingerie that will also become an everyday favourite why not try a set of beautiful deep red Leavers lace lingerie and add a sexy pair of garters to your order.

Fiery red and black coloured lace lingerie will set your partner’s heart beating and if you include matching suspenders and garters he will be at your mercy.

The traditional colours for Valentines lingerie are red the colour of lust and passion, (Ilisha, Sara, Samantha , Grace, Fiesta and Greta which was inspired by the fiery passion of the Flamenco itself), white with it’s pure and innocent appeal Rebecca, Marianne, Rowena, Natalie and pink the traditionally feminine colour. Pink is also associated with Valentines day since the burial of St Valentine, when the Pink Almond Tree came into blossom.

Also look for the more subdued but romantic sets of lingerie in dusky grey with candy pink Leavers lace. There are many styles including the cheeky shortie, the chic French culotte and a body top to die for.

You could consider buying lingerie in a colour to match a special outfit; shimmering champagne, fabulous blue or stunning fresh green embroidery. There are also subtle and delicate floral patterns with tiny violet or pale blue flowers giving it an ethereal quality which would not disappoint Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty herself!

Men often like sinfully dark coloured underwear but be warned however that while ladies like to be spoilt most women are at heart quite practical and if your loved one has no dark blouses or t-shirts to wear over the sexy black lingerie she would probably prefer something a little more subtle so she can enjoy your present on a regular basis!

Classy ladies appreciate classy lingerie but they also appreciate your making the effort to choose something that is appropriate for them. Many younger women like to wear lingerie that is designed to be on display with sexy Leavers Lace edging to peek out of a neckline. Curvy ladies may prefer a full cup bra than a couple of silky triangles held together with elastic, and petite ladies may like a bra which subtly enhances their figure, However be warned unless you know she wants one most women would rather not receive a “Wonderbra” as a Valentines gift! Most ladies shops carry a large range of bra styles to suit every lady from the cleavage enhancing balconette and plunge bras to the unpadded bras which many women prefer to wear. There are ranges that feature a gorgeous unpadded bra in blue-grey Leavers lace. You can also find half-padded bras that can be a stunning compromise between padded and unpadded.

Thongs are sexy and also very comfortable, but many women don’t like the feel of thongs or g-strings for everyday wear – if your lady falls into this category why not try a pair of beautiful and sexy lace shorties or panties instead?

Lace is both attractive and luxurious, but make sure you choose high quality lace such as Leavers Lace which is comfortable to wear and sophisticated – there’s nothing worse than scratchy cheap lingerie against the skin or lace which shrinks when washed.

Why buy lingerie for yourself for Valentines day?

First and foremost because you deserve it! New underwear makes you feel sexy and if you feel sexy you are sexy, so treat yourself to a new bra and panties, or to a full set with suspender belt and garters, and enjoy feeling sexy and sophisticated without spending a fortune!

You can also buy yourself some underwear as a treat for your Valentine. Men love to buy their wives and girlfriends sexy Valentines lingerie in part because they love to see you looking so amazing, so why not choose your own lingerie and wow them with your new look after (or during!) a sultry evening this Valentines Day. Lingerie to excite your partner need not be overpriced fluff whether they like black lace lingerie or white bra and panties. You can buy quality lingerie at most ladies shops here in Cayman at a reasonable price that will set their pulses racing.

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