September 17, 2021

UWI Prof: Be imitators of God

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By Marlene Augustine From T&T NewsDay

University of the West Indies History Professor Dr Jerome Teelucksingh yesterday called on citizens to be imitators of God and not prosecutors of the church.

Teelucksingh was addressing the congregation at a service of, ‘Remembrance for Hurricane Island Affected,’ yesterday at the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, Port-of-Spain. Speaking on behalf of students from across the Caribbean and Central America in classes at UWI, he said the students were grateful and appreciate all TT has done, both financial and material aid.

He said the students are always eager to promote regional unity and grateful to the tertiary education they receive at the St Augustine campus. “The objections, from some people, to help our unfortunate neighbours reflect the insularity, rivalry and petty jealousies that contributed to collapse of the federation of CARIFTA. The bickering among our Caribbean neighbours have plagued our cricket team and has weakened CARICOM.”

“Suppose you die today, will that gate keeper deny you entry to the Kingdom of Heaven? As some of us want to deny our Caribbean neighbours. We must remember Ephesians and be imitators of God, to be of one spirit, one faith, one heart, and must not be prosecutors of the church.”

Teelucksingh said Jesus Christ never discriminate against anyone, and when he saw people to be heeled he never asked, ‘what nationality or ethnicity you belong to?’

He said what is happening in Trinidad and Tobago, people see issues as political, but what was happening in the Caribbean is a humanitarian issue.

He also called on citizens not to believe that TT has economic problems and cannot assist those were affected by natural disaster. Teelucksingh said whatever small citizens have it must be offered to the victims of natural disasters.

Also addressing the congregation, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said everywhere in the world people are exposed to natural disasters.

“Trinidad and Tobago have to plan and be prepared as much as we can to deal with landslides, flooding, earthquake and everything else that comes from natural disasters,” Rowley said.

IMAGE: LIGHT IN REMEMBRANCE: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Rev Carl Williams light candles in remembrance of those who died in recent Caribbean hurricanes during a service yesterday at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port of Spain. PHOTO BY RATTAN JADOO.

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