July 29, 2021

Using stencils for decorating

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One of the fastest growing trends in home decorating recently has been stencil design. Using stencils adds a creative note to any home and you can incorporate the styles and colours to suit your own tastes.

Most people use stencils on walls, but it is also used successfully on furniture, glass such as mirrors and windows, and on fabrics. There are also t-shirts, vases and wooden furniture that look beautiful with a stencil design on them.

You can use stencil design to create borders on the edges of walls and even decorate an entire wall using large patterns or repeating one pattern over and over.

You can find patterns in the stores, and on line. You can choose a fantasy look, or create a forest or garden right in your home. There are many simple, classical lines that add just an elegant touch to a room, and there are also very ornate ones.

You will have more success if you do a little research to learn the right kinds of brushes and paints to use, and how to prepare surfaces properly.

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