October 31, 2020

US Study: Most dangerous States for your car (and you)


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Depending on where in the world you live, your exposure to the risks of the road varies drastically. If you live in a small rural mountain town, for example, you may be exposed to less risk of grand theft auto, but more risk of weather-related driving concerns. 

The Simple Dollar was interested in which U.S. states were the most dangerous to own a car and drive in, so they conducted a study of the many risks to your car. The states that have the most per capita cases of grand theft auto, drunk driving arrests, and car crash fatalities may surprise you. 

Top 3 States for Car Theft 

One of the most surprising metrics in this study is the number of stolen vehicles per capita. Not just the sheer volume of stolen cars in America, which was more than 994,000 in 2018, but the states with the most stolen vehicles compared to the total state population. 

, Texas, and Florida had the most volume of stolen cars in 2018, Delaware, , and Wisconsin had the most grand theft auto per capita: 

These top ten states combined had more than 381,000 cars stolen in 2018 or 38% of the entire country. 

States with the most auto fatalities per capita

Another metric that factors in to make driving in a particular state dangerous is the number of auto deaths per capita. It could be caused by road conditions, congestion, sentiment towards speed, or another factor, whether an accident or not.

Considering the states with the most auto fatalities per capita, many represent the southern U.S. and two in the midwest. The top 3 states with auto fatalities in 2018 are:

  1. Mississippi
  2. Wyoming
  3. South Carolina

What else contributes to a dangerous state for driving? The study also includes states with the most DUI arrests per capita, the most annual rainfall, and more. 

Check out the original study from The Simple Dollar and stay safe out there. 

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