January 18, 2021

US Home Loans for expats living abroad

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By Amanda Rosenblatt From Federal Home Loan Centers, San Diego, CA USA

Information from The Association of Americans Resident Overseas declares the number of those from the USA living abroad increased to 8 million for the year 2015. The most are in the Western Hemisphere and the least amount of people are in Africa. Even “the least” in Africa is an estimated amount of 171,000 people, which is more than the population of Hartford, the state capital of Connecticut!

It stands to reason that there could be quite a number of ex-pats reading this very piece. Maybe they yearn for home. If you an ex-pat, or someone in the military, looking into your options to return stateside, settling back into a residence could be easier than you think. You can even qualify and continue to live abroad someplace else while still maintaining a United States home loan.

Ex-pats, AKA expatriates, can utilize one of three different federal home loan programs when coming back home, even if it’s in Alaska, Hawaii or a U.S. territory. There is the low-interest FHA home loan, the no down payment USDA home loan, and the flexible VA home loan program for veterans and qualifying surviving spouses. Aside from saving money with them, you will also have the benefit of not having to occupy the new residence for up to 60 days after closing.

If you have been an ex-pat or a veteran in a crowded city of millions, a USDA home loan for a rural or suburban property will be a great way to slip back into American life. Use the usda address eligibility map to determine if you can qualify for the loan.If you prefer the urban areas, getting a spacious condo in a thriving metropolis with the FHA home loan will be your best bet. Those who qualify for the VA home loan will love the no down payment benefit to using it anywhere in the US they wish, pending the property qualifies for the program.

There are also territories that are considered part of America while still viewed societally as being overseas. If your work requires you to continue your ex-pat lifestyle, or if you just love exploring the world, you can use these federal home loans in Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana islands, and the Virgin Islands.

Just make sure if you obtain a property in any of these places that you intend to occupy the property, as you may not have a vacation property with any federal home loan. This goes for stateside properties, as well.

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