February 24, 2020

US: Famous Jew warns: These Hollywood people want to destroy Christianity


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From Newsmax

Dear Readers

If you’re not afraid, you’d better be . . .

If you believe in Christianity, or Judaism, or are a person of deep faith — you’re a target.

And, we are sorry to report, so is your family.

Yes, even in the USA.

Remember when Obama victoriously announced America would be fundamentally transformed?

That hit a nerve, leaving you feeling uncomfortable . . .

Possibly even terrified at the thought of what that meant?

Over eight years the Obama administration worked tirelessly to wipe out God from every aspect of public life.

Even Obamacare — a healthcare plan — had provisos to penalize Christian and religious organizations.

Many of whom were working to give healthcare to the poor.

Make no mistake about it, America was fundamentally transformed — into a country that increasingly and more vocally demonized Christians and Jews.

Hollywood celebrity Jim Carrey openly mocked Vice President Mike Pence’s faith . . .

. . . and spewed bigotry and hatred for former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, insisting Sanders is “a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked.”

Talk-show host John Oliver chimed in on “Last Week Tonight,” expressing how he loathes Pence for saying that “marriage was ordained by God.”

And Joy Behar of “The View” mocked the prayerful who believe in Jesus, saying, “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you. That’s called mental illness, if I’m not correct. Hearing voices.” 

Behar was forced to apologize after 43,000 phone calls were fielded by ABC and its advertisers . . .

But it was too late.

Her disdain for Christianity was out of the bag.

Obama, Maher, Carrey, Behar — all the leftists and Hollywood elites take joy in Christian persecution and oppression.

Again, we are sorry to report, these people are not exceptions. They are the prevailing wisdom in Hollywood, New York, Washington.

This anti-Christian movement is happening all around us as the left gains momentum with its mob mentality.

Today, more than 215 million Christians worldwide experience very high to extreme prosecution.

Just last year Newsweek reported, “The persecution and genocide of Christians across the world is worse today than at any time in history.

Here’s the thing . . .

If you think for one minute that Christian persecution is happening only in places like China, Iran, and Afghanistan, hold onto your knickers, because . . .

At college campuses across the country, Christians who speak up are regularly demeaned and targeted for their beliefs . . .

Christians are regularly ridiculed by social groups and organizations who hurl horrible labels at us, including “haters,” “bigots,” and “privileged.”

Innocent people are being gunned down during Sunday worship — you’ve heard the horror stories.

Do you feel totally safe in your church anymore?

Or, do you look around and wonder if everyone’s intentions are 
pure . . .

Or, jump a little inside when someone walks in late?

We know people in Florida who conceal-carry to church . . .

And there are Catholic churches there that have police officers at every mass.

This was unheard of when we were growing up!

Consider France is a Catholic country, and hundreds of churches have been torched.

And Notre Dame . . . 

And Catholic priests literally killed on their altars.

Don’t say it can’t happen here.

A “progressive” revolution has been quietly taking place in this 
country . . .

Stealthily infiltrating our lives.

As God-loving Christians, we should be downright petrified.

As Jews we should be terrified.

As persons of faith we should be horrified.

The anti-Christian leftist agenda has been building for decades — and it’s rapidly gaining speed.

Christians are being demonized, and it’s only going to get worse with progressives pushing hard for their godless society.

The 2020 election is coming up and some of the far-left liberals are already showing their true colors.

Listen, maybe you didn’t know it, but recently, Sens. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, and Kamala Harris, D-Calif., targeted Brian Buescher.

He’s the Omaha attorney nominated by President Trump to sit on the U.S. District Court for the state of Nebraska.

Buescher, a Christian, holds traditional religious values near to his heart.

Yet Hirono and Harris targeted him because of his faith just so they could cast doubt on his ability to serve.

Ruthless, heartless, all the makings of a religious genocide are being quietly set into motion.

NOTE: The above article has been EDITED by us at iNews Cayman. It is not because we disagree with any of its original contents. It is because it is promoting a book we have not read.

The book is:  Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.

It is, according to the above article, “the new runaway bestseller on Amazon.”

Written by David Horowitz, Dark Agenda rips the mask off the frauds in the U.S. who he calls “dangerous people.”

David is not just another writer.

He is a famous political thinker.

He is a New York Times bestselling author.

He is a Jew.

He was planning on writing a book about a coming persecution of Christians, one that could happen in the future.

But then . . .  he was shocked to learn the persecution is underway.

Right now . . . here . . .  in our beloved country.

Horowitz is not just looking out for Christians.

He knows Jews have had a tremendous life in America.

They, too, regard it as a kind of “Promised Land.”

He knows if Christians are on the block, Jews will be next.

If you want to know more about the book and to order a FREE copy go to: https://w3.newsmax.com/General/NMM/Offers/Dark-Agenda-6M-Trial?ns_mail_uid=6952f1f9-507d-4a20-8cc0-0a1db158d76e&ns_mail_job=DM42258_07252019&s=acs&dkt_nbr=010101dy80wb

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  1. Interesting juxtaposition that is at the heart of this article. The term ‘christian America’ is no simple juxtaposition. It is a fundamental contradiction. Ask the native americans. We, in our childish innocence enjoyed cowboys and indians. Ask the descendants of slaves. Ask the american japanese in the WW2 period. Ask …. Ask …. When did the miseducation start? For a Christian what are the 2 greatest commandments? America is a secular state.

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