June 28, 2022


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World Orphans Day is November 14, 2022

It is with great excitement that we are pushing forward after our World Orphans Day Summit in Nashville in 2019, to further our mutual commitment to champion the humanitarian rights of orphans and foster children worldwide.   By bringing their issues and concerns  to the global stage for corporate and governmental agencies to be made aware,  we are hopeful to better the lives of the most oppressed and underserved children in the world.

Mark Siljander , Board of Regents,  advised our team to research the process for drafting a UN resolution.  After locating a UN video about the process, we are moving forward with the first Step:  Acquiring support of a Member State of the UN, which is the Kingdom of Eswatini, willing to do what they can to get a draft resolution in front of the correct committee of the United Nations.    Prime Minister Themba Masuku has graciously been willing to donate his efforts and time to meet with his Cabinets and Minister of Foreign Affairs there in Eswatini to propel the project along.   Ms Dlamini Hlobisile,  from the Prime Minister’s Office will be advising us as they move forward in taking the various steps!   This is so encouraging.

We are looking for additional support from various Heads of State, or Governors,  to support this resolution in unity with us.     We are hoping that the group included here will be able and willing to ask the leaders in their governments to take a stand by Lighting a Building Purple for World Orphans Day.     We are asking the Washington Times, through  Dr. Frank Kaufmann, to possibly write an article  for publication about the resolution and our desires for it to be passed by the UN, to  observe the Second Monday in November as World Orphans Day by the UN.   Prime Minister Themba Masuku is willing to be interviewed for the article.   I am available as well.

We are looking for other heads of state or royalty, or dignitaries to offer their support as Lord David Alton has so graciously done.  Create Videos of Support for mass media and Television distribution, Press releases, Etc.   We are in hopes Ban Ki Moon will write a letter of endorsement,  to the Committee that reviews the resolution. As former Secretariat General of the UN, this would be huge progress for us.  Mark Siljander, former US Ambassador to the UN,  has a relationship with him to approach him about this at the right time. 

Organizations that care about Orphans, we hope will take their own initiative to Light up THEIR World Purple for the Orphans in an effort to bring awareness to their cause.  For this reason, I am writing Youth Villages,  Crime Stoppers ( one of our Human Trafficking partner),  Camp Southern Ground,  local  Homes for Children in NC and TN,   and Samaritan’s Feet,  and others to participate,  and YWAM around the world has many chapters that support Orphans.   We anticipate the Memphis Bridge,  several Theme parks,  and landmarks, and universities to be lit up as well.   We are also asking SOS in Austria to light their campus’  purple.  Honorary Chairman of Africa for World Orphans Day, Prime Minister Themba Masuku, is willing to extend letters out to the heads of state and Embassies to light up a building in their country.  We are very grateful for his dedication!

With an extensive media campaign coming up, we will have the 2021 The Voice Second Place winner,  Wendy Moten,  PSA ready for TV distribution and are delighted that NRB TV and AIM Country Music Television are already involved.      We are releasing it today to NRB TV and Aim Country Music Television.

Iceman Productions is integrating our Wendy Moten  The VOICE  Runner Up 2021  Public Service Announcement  into 80 plus episodes  of “ready to air” sports programming that will be broadcast internationally into 40-50 countries.  Plus NRB TV and AIM Country Music Television will be airing it as well.  We anticipate a plus 130,000,000 households reach through the networks we are targeting.   Wendy will be touring this summer with Vince Gill.  

Thank you for all that you do in your fields to do the work to make the world a better place. If you feel so led to engage with us in some manner to help bring more  attention to the day, World Orphans Day,  in your country, or place of business, please let us know.   

We will update periodically.   Thank you for your time in reading this.I am available by phone to speak with you at any time. It helps to put it on my schedule of course.    Ph. 615 428  5624

Please see the attachment below.  These will be part of what is presented to the United Nations, along with the resolution and video presentation by Lord David Alton of the UK Parilament.  

Warm regards,

Cheryl Piggott

May God bless you all!

Cheryl Robeson Piggott



WORLD ORPHANS DAY, FounderUN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee, Co-Chairman-Tokyo

Hello Friends,I have addressed this to the below leaders and supporters of The Stars Foundation- who we wish to engage in getting a resolution passed by the UN to Observe the Second Monday in November each year as World Orphans Day.  We are doing this with the assistance of the UN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee, and the Kingdom of Eswatini. And WITH YOUR HELP!   As a way of introduction to our key leaders helping us, please read through the Copied on Email  section  below before reading the body of this email.

Copied on Email:

Prime Minister Themba Masuku- Honorary Chairman of World Orphans Day- Africa

HIH  Ermias Sahle Selassie –  A Global Patron of World Orphans Day in 2017 and 2018 – Crown Prince of Ethiopia

Lord David Alton- made a speech about why there should be a UN OBSERVED World Orphans Day. An Honorary Chairman of World Orphans Day

Dlamini Hoblisile – Undersecretary to the Prime Minister Themba Masuku- Kingdom of Eswatini-  who is leading the campaign by having Eswatini Permanent Mission to the UN office draft resolution- She is on Board of Regents,  The Stars Foundation

Former US Ambassador to the UN, Mark Siljander-   Honorary Chairman and Board of Regents for The Stars Foundation- Assisting in Strategy, relationships, and passing information on to Ban Ki Moon, a friend,  at the right time. 

Jay Paul Deratany-  Foster Boy the Movie, Executive Producer-   along with Shaquille O’Neal –Deratany, a lawyer and  A Leading USA advocate for Foster Care reform in USA, as well as donor to The Stars Foundation humanitarian aid and orphan care campaigns.  

Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba- former Presidential Advisor to Former President Mutharika of Malawi- AIDS orphans agenda as well respected Dr in that field and worked with UN AIDS …..  Also Global Fund for AIDS and Malaria.  

Dr. Frank Kaufmann- President of several Peace Organizations Non Profits, and also leading Religious books author, Board of Regents – The Stars Foundation,  committed to help with relationships at UN, and Washington Times, 

Motoi Tauchi- As Chairman, he is represented by a Board Member of UN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee- Tokyo

Guruji- Founder of UN NGO called World Yoga Community-  Organization has 144,000 chapters worldwide..  praying for peace

Joe Newman- American Basketball Association Commissioner-   Willing to have 155 teams in America to do a Promotional campaign for World Orphans Day- Lighting their Game Venues Purple on that Monday, November 14 possibly?  other ideas? To be discussed.  

Marc Whitmore- England and USA- Entertainment Executive- Ideas to Be discussed.

Troy Miller- NRB TV President, and Board Member of The Stars Foundation, Honorary Chair for Tennessee World Orphans Day  –  Broadcasting our PSA’s this year for World Orphans Day and Foster Children Campaigns.. Wendy Moten’s PSA will be airing soon.   She is The Voice Runner Up last year.

Jorge Parrott- will pass our information about Lighting the World Purple for Orphans  on World Orphans Day, and pray for the orphans, to other leaders in Major Church Associations,   and India Associations of Churches as well.  Over 22,000 churches we hope will lift the orphans up in prayer and light a candle for them on World Orphans Day. 

Dr. Soko Dorley- Advocate for Orphans- Seeking support in Liberia for President Weah to be involved.   New Board of Regents  member for his humanitarian aid work in Liberia.

Marc Gilliatt- founder AIM Country Music Television

Shawn Parr-  Shawn Parr- Across the Country Radio Network Show.  The Voice of Country Music and our Country Music Cares Ambassador of Goodwill.

Ellen Campbell-   Honorary Chairman-  Canada -World Orphans Day-   Baby Rescue programs and Abused women organization, Founder

Robin Gordon-   Attorney Gordon Law Group, Nashville    Director for The Stars Foundation

DJ Khamis- Renown artist and advocate for Human Trafficking Cause for The Stars Foundation- Director on our board.

Debra Peele-  Crime Stoppers Panhandle area– Florida- Advocate against Human Trafficking

Roger Piggott-  Iceman Productions and Director,  The Stars Foundation, responsible for Television and Broadcast of his sports programming, our faith based television programming and inserting our Public Service Announcements into affiliated networks.

Dr. Kate Whetten- Duke University -Co Chair of World Orphans Day Summit in Nashville in 2019

Joe Morris-   JC Morris Foundation-  Advocate for orphans and foster children in several states..   

Colin Wilson and Lemuel Hurlston   – Cayman Islands.

Ieyenews  great Sponsor of World Orphans Day

Mark Engman-  US Fund for UNICEF-  Washington D C office

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