September 24, 2021

UPDATE on Burglary in North Side Sat Morning (19)/MVA on Esterley Tibbetts Hwy

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Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 3:22 PM

UPDATE on Burglary in North Side Sat Morning (19)

With respect to the burglary that occurred in North Side on Saturday morning, 19 March, we have been informed that the man who disturbed burglars in his home placed calls directly to the George Town Police Station (not 9-1-1) in the early hours of Saturday morning to report this incident. We have been informed that the person who answered these calls, a male, responded to the caller that a police car was not available and did not log this call into our system and alert 9-1-1 as required.

This has been a complete failure of the RCIPS to receive, record and respond effectively to a call for assistance. A disciplinary inquiry is ongoing to identify why this failure occurred and to take action to remedy the matter.

Commissioner of Police David Baines spoke to the victim on Saturday and gave an unreserved apology for this abject failure.

The matter is all the more disappointing as officers were in the North Side area at the time and had stopped, and were dealing with, suspicious individuals, oblivious to the call made by the home owner.

As a direct result of this vehicle stop a person is currently in custody assisting with inquiries.

The RCIPS regrets any failure by its members to respond appropriately to calls from the public for assistance.

Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 3:01 PM

MVA on Esterley Tibbetts Hwy

There was a MVA today just before 2PM on the EH HWY near the Harquail Theatre. A Yamaha scooter and Suzuki panel van collided. The rider on the scooter was taken to the hospital.

The bypass was blocked after the accident, but was cleared about 2:45PM.

The accident is under investigation.

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