September 19, 2020

Update on applications pending for Cayman Islands Permanent Residence


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“In light of the changes that were made recently to the Permanent Residence Points System by the Immigration (Amendment) Regulations, 2017 the Department of Immigration is putting in place a plan in consultation with the Ministry of and other Government Departments that will allow the processing of permanent residence applications to resume and proceed efficiently.

Given the number of applications involved this presents a number of significant challenges in terms of human resources and logistics. While every effort is being made to activate the action plan as quickly as possible it is critical that it is properly thought through and capable of ensuring that applications are processed not only efficiently but also with the appropriate degree of scrutiny.

Applications will be presented for determination by the decision-making entities in the order in which they were received. In other words, applicants who have been waiting longest will have their application dealt with first. Prior to an application being scheduled for consideration an applicant will have the opportunity to provide any updated information should they wish. After the deadline for the submission of information passes the Department will aim to have reached a decision on the application within thirty days. A schedule will be released in the written and online press and via social media shortly advising applicants of the window within which they may submit additional or updated information to the Department. Applicants are advised also to monitor the Department of Immigration’s website for further information (

The Department of Immigration wishes to thank applicants, their families and their employers for their patience while the legal issues relating to the Permanent Residence Points System were being addressed. The Department is fully committed to moving forward with the processing of applications as quickly as possible.  Should applicants have any questions relating to their application or the changes to the Permanent Residence Points System they may contact the Caymanian Status & Permanent Residency Secretariat at the Department of Immigration. They may also wish to seek advice from an attorney or one of the local immigration service providers.”


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