October 21, 2020

Update on American national arrested on firearms charges on Cayman Brac


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Further to the release about the arrest of an American national on multiple firearms charges, officials have released the individual’s name as David Dean Meadors who is from Florida and is in the Cayman Islands as a visitor. He is in the process of building a house in Cayman Brac and was temporarily occupying an apartment there.

He appeared in court yesterday (Monday, 10 July 2017) and was offered bail under the following bail conditions:

  1. Sureties on property: CI$100,000 – his Cayman Brac property 95B 269 to stand charge in the amount of CI$100,000
  2. Cash surety in the amount of CI$ 5,000.00
  3. Two sureties in the amount of CI$5,000.00 each
  4. One surety in the amount of CI$13,000
  5. Can’t go within 100 yards of airport and port
  6. Reside at a local hotel
  7. 24 hour curfew
  8. Electronic monitoring

Investigations are ongoing.

The Department will not provide any additional information at this time concerning the details of the case but will leave that for the ’s office to do in open court.

Original release:

American National Arrested for Firearm Offences

The Customs Department has announced that on 07th July, 2017 Cayman Brac Customs Officers arrested a 52-year-old male American national for several firearm offences.

During the inspection of a shipping container, a large quantity of ammunition was recovered amongst personal belongings. Cayman Brac Customs Officers along with officers from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service conducted a search of his residence where two unlicensed firearms were recovered.

Neither the ammunition nor the firearms were declared to Customs and they did not accompany a firearms import permit.

Acting Collector of Customs Jeff Jackson said: “I wish to sincerely thank Cayman Brac Customs and the RCIPS for their collaborative approach to this detection and arrest. This is consistent with ’s and Commissioner Bryne’s policy to promote and facilitate joint operations by our two agencies.”

Assistant Collector of Customs Tina Campbell said, “The Customs Department continues to remind the public that it is a very serious offence to unlawfully possess or import any firearm or ammunition. We ask that any member of the public who has information regarding this matter or relating to these types of offences or other crimes, not to hesitate to contact the Customs Department.”

The investigation continues by the Customs Narcotics Enforcement Team in and Cayman Brac Customs.

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  1. If I read one more quote describing or his self descriptions, as “law abiding“ or “upstanding businessman”, there may be a mutiny. I’m tossing myself overboard. Many claim to vouch for the jolly captain. After all, it’s fun to party with the boater. This Capt. has hidden behind money for some time. Hushing where the Finances came from. Boasting, “started from the bottom up. On my own. Self made man”. Yes, money can make people look upstanding and squeaky clean, until you start investigating packed away baggage. Some people have guns to hunt. This guy, he has guns because he likes to be in control. Anyone notice in his interview with his “3rd” wife? How dutifully quiet or mute she was? He has quite the way with women, pirates do! I’m surprised there isn’t a country bar or song named after this one. As for his untimely health predicament. Funny he was healthy enough to fly 25 times in a 16 month span to check on his little cottage he’s building. Yet now that he’s found himself in trouble with the law, he’s too ill to fly once? Yet not too ill to do interviews, drive to and sit in new stations. I find that all interesting? Any doubt why the authorities in the Caymans are just a bit peeved? I’m shocked, with his given history(respects women and authority so much) he was given a gun permit in the USA. Again, showing how easy that is. This one has more stashed away then guns.

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