September 15, 2023

Up, up and away for 100 days of school!

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Jaden McCoy dressed in his 100 years ago outfit for the school celebration.

Colourful balloons, costumes, happy children – all celebrating the number of days spent in school.

Can that be right? Yes! If the number is 100 and the school is North Side Primary, where on last week the whole school participated in the 100 day celebration.

The morning started with a 100 day assembly. During the day each of the classes did different assignments regarding the number 100. The activities ranged across the curriculum, including mathematics, English, creative writing, religion, art, and social studies.

Then all the classes gathered on the basketball court in the afternoon to form the shape 100. Each child had a special balloon and message that was released into the sky.

To help authenticate the festivity for the students, they were also given an opportunity to dress as they would have either 100 years ago or how they would like to dress 100 years from now.

Deputy Principal Mrs. Joy Ebanks-King stated, “This is a celebration that is done around the world, and I know my class and the entire school has been eagerly waiting for this day.”

She continued on to say, “Each of the students has been counting down since the first day of school. They look forward to this event every year.”

(Photos by: Information Officer Kristi Anderson)

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