October 20, 2020

Unique ways decorative mirror upgrade a room


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As homeowners want to accentuate the clean environment of their rooms by adding furniture and other displays, the variety of the fixtures that are available seems to overwhelm homeowners. But looking into the piece that can make even more standout to your room, a mirror can make a huge difference in use and style. Mirrors are known for it’s a trick to coincide with other pieces in a homeowner’s house according to designer . It may seem expensive, but there are different types of mirrors that you can install. Different decorative mirrors are produced, with different looks, styles, and functions namely: backlit, designer, and framed.

The advantage of having mirrors in your room offers a variety of shape and style that most homeowners can enjoy since it expresses individual style and taste. Mirrors bring light and depth into apartments, which are the replacement of windows where can be moved around and place anywhere inside your house. Mirrors can be an art form, developed for it to suit better in the interior design category. With the adapting ability of mirrors, a wide range of style and versatility it will make to future interiors of a home. To learn more about the different unique ways of using decorative mirrors to upgrade a room, kindly check the infographic below created by Accent.

Unique Ways Decorative Mirrors Upgrade a room

Backlit mirrors

The backlit mirror is one of the most popular mirror types. They are usually installed in bathrooms, which uses lighting tubes that sit behind the mirror, outlining its perimeter. It gives off a subtle but sufficient light that makes it easier to shave, apply make-up or do whatever it is that requires a well-lit reflection. Through the LED lights, the mirror can create a glow, which can be a standout the light in the bathroom, giving off a relaxing ambiance.

Some people hate it when they hang lights directly over the mirror in their bathroom— it is a necessity, but can be an eyesore most of the time. Also, they can take up valuable head space in a bathroom with low ceilings.

The subtle lights from the mirrors outlines can make the mirror stand out and come off the wall, creating a layer of depth, but still enough to let people use it for makeup, hairstyling, and other essential activities inside the room. At the same time, the lights behind the mirror give it depth, another dimension which makes the bathroom more interesting and beautiful.

Because backlit mirrors are often powered by LED lights rather than incandescent ones, they use much less energy and last longer than ordinary light bulbs would.

Designer Mirrors

Designer mirrors are mirrors specifically made to be an accent piece in any room. It can be designed as elaborately or as simply, depending on the preference of the buyer. Usually, they are placed in rooms which can showcase their grandeur, such as the living room or dining room.

There are many themes or motifs of a designer mirror, such as contemporary, custom color, ornate, traditional, or transitional.

Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are to be taken in its most literal sense; it is a mirror enclosed a frame for more artistic value. The frames vary from the material, design, size, etc. It can be made of wood: most commonly ash, basswood, cherry, maple, oak, poplar, and walnut. Some can be made of metals—such as steel, silver, and gold. The frames can be hand carved, or machine carved, finished, or gilded.

Framed mirrors can accentuate the motif and overall decoration of the house, or stand alone as an accent focal point in a blank space or wall in any room.

Why Install a Decorative Mirror?

  1. Double Space

Mirrors expand the space—at least lets your mind think it does. “The location and placement of the mirror are key when utilizing them — you want to ensure that it will not create undesirable reflections and will allow it to maximize its innate qualities,” Berliner says.

This is because mirrors reflect light and once it bounces, it gives the illusion of a much bigger space, without actually moving the walls further.

  1. Uplift the mood

Mirrors can also increase the brightness of a room, because of its property to let the light bounce in all corners of the room. Putting up mirrors in a dim home or a poorly-lit room is one way of strategically bringing in more light without additional light fixtures, hence without a higher utility bill.

  1. Add some drama

Full-size floor mirrors can make a dramatic statement in a small space. “Using a framed, full-size mirror placed on the floor and resting on the wall can become an incredible asset in many ways in a bedroom, living room and even at the end of a hallway,” Berliner says. Mirrors can also make a beautiful statement in a given space. Use large mirrors or mirrors with decorative frames to attract the eye by placing them on the most visually prominent walls or tables, or on huge blank spaces.

Mirrors are a tasteful way to hide imperfections. A hole in the wall? A crack in the blank space? An unused hook supposedly for paintings? Cover it up with a mirror as a decoration. You can simply conceal such areas with an attractive mirror, just as you would with a painting or photograph.

Where to put it?

While mirrors can be displayed in every room of the house—from bathrooms, bedrooms, and even in the kitchen, designers would also like to point out that one perfect spot to hang up one is in the entryway. “Entries, rooms that lack natural light and dining areas can be a great place because they create an opportunity for creative lighting, candles, ambiance, art and reflectivity,” designer Amy Bubier says.

Mirrors can be wonderful additions to any home, or property offering a list of benefits. Moreover, because mirrors can come in a variety of shapes and styles, you can enjoy the advantages of a mirror and still express your style and taste.

SOURCE: http://accentartandframe.com/blog/index.php/unique-ways-decorative-mirrors-upgrade-a-room-infographic

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