September 29, 2020

“Under Pressure”


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The British Photographic Assignment 2020: COVID-19, Entry “Under Pressure”

The British Photography Awards

Entry by Photographer Scott Stevens

In March 2020, the UK was put into lockdown as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For many landscape photographers like myself, this sudden change put an immediate stop to their practices and created an uncertain future for the creation of new work. Under Pressure is an emotive response to the current crisis that visualises the pressures facing photographers by documenting the world passing by as creatives are forced to stay put. As a landscape photographer, I thrive on shooting nature but, as continuing to create work in the face of adversity is challenging, I have had to pivot my practice whilst staying true to my authenticity. 

Under Pressure is a project shot over four weeks in May 2020 and documents the changing air pressure and weather patterns during this period. Each barometer image was shot in a makeshift studio in my bedroom that utilises natural light, the back of my blackout curtains to stop reflections on the metal and the barometer is stuck with tape to a piece of card in a position I can shoot each day. The images of the sky and weather are all shot from my doorstep or from windows and, although I have taken a creative approach to shooting the weather at the best time, have tried to document the beautiful moments within each day.

My photographic work has primarily focused on portraying a meditative and peaceful representation of the British coast and with the negativity surrounding the current situation, I wanted to create a project that emphasised the beauty that the world can still offer us all. This project visualises my internal anxieties towards the impact that the pandemic has had upon my work and projects a beautiful antidote to our new chaotic world.

The new British Photographic Assignments, open to all British-based photographers and those of British nationality the world over is continuing to accept images until 1st of January 2021.

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