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“Under a Starry Sky”

More than 300 people attended the Savannah United Church’s Christmas Cantata on December 10th.

The setting for this year’s Cantata took the audience from a present day family faced with a crisis and transported us to Bethlehem where the Christ Child makes the difference.

This new Christmas musical brought the drama ministry of the church to the forefront and introduced many new faces to the annual Cantata.

“Under a Starry Sky”, written by Joel Lindsey and Jeff Bumgardner, and arranged by Daniel Semsen, is described as a powerful, dramatic musical. The performance by the Savannah United Church choir and drama ministry certainly lived up to this description.

The choir was in superb voice under the leadership of Music Director, Noel Wallace. Interspersed with the singing were the dramatic scenes of a modern day family struggling with a job loss just before Christmas and their journey to realise that Christ would make a difference in their lives.

Patrice Hanson’s performance as the mother of the family searching for answers moved many to tears. Orville Daniels as Harvey the “rasta” shepherd provided comedy relief. Every member of the choir and drama ministry added to the enjoyment of the Cantata.

The finale was very effective with all participants coming down from the stage holding up candles while singing “A Million Little Lights”. Little battery-operated candles were distributed to everyone in the audience allowing them to become a part of the presentation. It was a wonderful ending to a delightful performance.

A delicious brunch followed.


Images: Colleen and Andrew McGaw


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