September 29, 2020



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by transitionscoachingcayman






the feeling of being unloved,


unworthy of LOVE.

The medical profession have some knowledge,

but not all.

They can give tablets

And treatments,

But no cure.

They will never replace the LOVE

That was neither given

Nor received.

They will not LOVE people better.

LOVE is the ultimate cure:

To receive it and

To give it is the essence of life itself.

God created you on purpose,

not by mistake, or by chance.

But out of LOVE,

For the purpose of LOVE,

And in the image of LOVE.

Your soul is of infinite value,

Is infinitely worthy of LOVE,

And has an infinite capacity for LOVE.

When we have suffered

A lack of LOVE,

We are faced with a choice.

We can fill our souls with addictions,

Disorders and hostility towards ourselves and others,

Becoming so hardened,

And wrapped up in our own suffering

We don’t notice what other people are feeling.

Or we can choose Compassion.

We can let go of

Attachment to career, money,

material possessions, and prestige.

Then we are free to be more fully human;

To be in touch with the LOVE that is in our souls,

That our souls are actually made of.

And we see that our suffering has tremendous value.

It is part of the training

for helping others with their pain.

It means we can’t judge people,

because we too are broken.

When another soul is unloving to us,

We can understand and forgive.

We will never be bored of them,

because we know that their souls are eternal.

We will pray for them always,

for the rest of our lives,

and throughout eternity.

For at what point could we decide that their precious soul

Is no longer worth bothering about?



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