November 27, 2020

UK public finance consultant in Cayman

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7638005In the latest (11th Feb 2013) Deputy Governor and Chief Officer’s Minutes it noted a public finance consultant from the UK arrived on Thursday, 14 February, and will be on Island for two weeks. He will be assisting with cash and revenue forecasting. His visit has been paid for by the UK.

An abridged version of the Minutes follows:

3. Matters Arising from Minutes

The Entertainment Policy is being worked on and a draft should be available shortly.

It is being hoped that the Deputy Governor’s Departmental visits in Cayman Brac will take place on March 1.

Chief Officers are encouraged to provide feedback in regards to the Fire Drill.

4. Voluntary Separation Policy

The draft policy was circulated for discussion. It was noted that this policy was created as a result of the Deputy Governors Committment to reduce civil service numbers. The policy was drafted in consultation with CICSA and the Public Service Pensions Board. Chief Officers were asked to review the draft and provide feedback in two weeks.

5. Secondment Policy

The draft policy was circulated for discussion. The key benefits of this policy are the development opportunities that it will provide to Civil Servants and it is an added tool to facilitate succession planning. Chief Officers will review this draft and provide feedback at next week’s meeting.

6. Training Budget Template

This template, which is being utilized by the Ministry of FDAWL&A, was discussed. A copy will be circulated for Chief Officers to review and provide feedback at the next Chief Officers meeting.

7. Any Other Business

The President of UCCI has written to the Deputy Governor requesting that consideration be given to offering a Bachelor’s Degree program at the Civil Service College. The request will be considered during the next budget session

An update on Phase IV of the Public Service Review will be provided at the next meeting.

The Deputy Governor advised Chief Officers that in keeping with his commitment to use social medial he has created a Facebook profile and has over 400 friends, many of whom are civil servants.

The final template of the staff motivation survey will be circulated for review.

Chief Officers were reminded of the Agricultural Show on the 13th February.

A public finance consultant from the UK will be arriving on Thursday, 14 February, and will be on Island for two weeks. He will be assisting with cash and revenue forecasting. His visit has been paid for by the UK.

The Expenditure Review Committee recommendations that were accepted by Cabinet will be discussed at the next meeting.

To date, 20 audited financial statements have been forwarded to the Legislative Assembly. Chief Officers were urged to follow up with their agencies to have the necessary steps taken to ensure that audited financial statements are tabled, in a timely manner.

Upgrades to IRIS have commenced. November 2013 is the target date for the new version to go live.

CO Bush asked that all Chief Officers provide responses needed in regards to Phase IV.

CO Rose thanked everyone who had responded to the request to participate in the International Conference on Population and Development survey. He asked all Chief Officers to identify a point person within their Ministry/Portfolio and advise Mr. Robert Lewis of same.

The Red Cross has invited the Civil Service to participate in their upcoming “Running for Red”, in December 2013. Further details to follow.

The full Minutes are attached.

Dep Gov Mins 1webDep Gove Mins 2web

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