• A man died in the street in central on Thursday, and there were fears he had been poisoned.
  • The street was put on lockdown, and specialist police officers arrived at the scene — but there is no evidence of poison, the says.
  • It’s not yet clear who the deceased was, or the cause of death.

There is no evidence that a man who died in the street in Mayfair, London was poisoned, the Metropolitan Police has said.

On Thursday afternoon the emergency services were called after a man fell ill on in the upmarket London district.

He was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene, and amid fears he had been poisoned the area was put on lockdown, with the street cordoned off and swarming with police and ambulances.

Specialist officers examined the scene — but, the Metropolitan Police has since said in a statement, “found no evidence that would indicate the victim had been poisoned.”

There are also no reports of any other people falling ill.

“At approximately 15:15hrs on Thursday, 21 June, police responded to a call from the London Ambulance Service (LAS) relating to a man taken ill on Albemarle Street in Mayfair,” the Metropolitan Police said in its statement.

“Officers attended the scene. At the location they found a man being treated by the LAS. He was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene.

“Due to concerns the victim may have been exposed to a poison, specialist officers attended but found no evidence that would indicate the victim had been poisoned. There are no other reports of people being taken ill.

“Cordons were put in place around the area to allow the emergency services to carry out their work.”

The identity of the deceased and cause of death has not been publicly disclosed.

IMAGE: A photo taken by a bystander of police setting up a protective tent.Dave Mutton/Twitter

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