September 21, 2020

UK offers assistance to Jamaica in push to Renewables


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From Jamaica Gleaner

Technology and training are areas, that a delegation from the United Kingdom (UK) are willing to assist the Government of Jamaica with, to close gaps that exist in these sectors.

Dawn Butler, a British member of Parliament who is among the group visiting the country in search of renewable opportunities told The Gleaner that her observation thus far has been that Jamaica is way ahead of the game in making the shift to renewable energy and as such the UK is ready to give assistance where needed.

“The assistance will probably be in regards to information and expertise. Where there’s a gap in training and development that’s another area in which the UK may be able to help with,” she said.

“By 2020 for instance, everybody in the UK should have smart meters and I’m sure there are lessons to be learnt and technology used, will be able to be replicated,” she continued.

She also mentioned that with the expected 2019 exit from the European Union, it was even more important that the UK form stronger partnerships with the Caribbean.

“Not to say that the UK is excelling in this area because essentially, we are not. Jamaica’s targets are more ambitious than the UK. Our target is 15 per cent for renewable by 2020 but the potential for Jamaica and the Caribbean is a lot greater. For example, your solar energy should be way more advanced than our solar energy and collection of energy in the UK,”

She added, “Renewable energy is something that I am passionate about. We are looking at renewables internationally because it is an international problem so we need to have an international solution to that problem.”

IMAGE: Dawn Butler – Patrick Planter


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