October 22, 2020

UCCI Observatory is reaching for the stars


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Milne “Sam” Samuel of Evans & Associates determining True North for the UCCI Observatory Project dubbed ‘Reach for the Stars’.

‘Reach for the Stars’, the Observatory Project at UCCI to build an astronomical telescope, is progressing rapidly.

Construction began this month on the new UCCI Observatory on campus.

One half of the building will be a classroom and the other will house a 12.5” fully computerised reflector telescope.

In order for the telescope to operate correctly it needs to be accurately orientated.

To enable this, Evans & Associates, Licensed Land Surveyors, were employed to define a True North – South line on the concrete slab where the telescope will sit.

Chris Evans, Principal of Evans &  Associates said, “I have always been interested in astronomy and hand-ground a telescope mirror when I was a teenager. I was therefore very happy to donate our services to this interesting and important project. I look forward to visiting the observatory when it is completed.”

This is yet another generous corporate contribution to the Observatory project.

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