March 24, 2023

U MUST GO “Into the Woods”

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Note: This is only a taster and not a full revue of the Cayman Drama Society’s latest production “INTO THE WOODS”. A full revue will follow after the weekend but I wanted to quickly to URGE you to go and see it.

I was there with other members of the press last Tuesday at the dress Rehearsal. I have already booked two tickets to watch it at a full live production.

It is without a doubt the most ambitious and difficult production in all the thirty-five plus years of being involved and watching nearly everything the CDS have staged. And that includes my “Peter Pan” with flying apparatus.

It simply is WONDERFUL. It is long, and I joked with Musical Director and pianist (yes there really is a real upright piano used and not a keyboard) plus six other accomplished musicians, when he publicly said all Colin Wilson’s play are two hours long. This one beats any I have staged in length but it is so good it doesn’t show.

Every single actor is excellent and the musical (by Sondheim) is written to give many of the performers a “STAR” role.

I also have to mention the SUPERB costumes. Headed up by Violetta Kanarek with support from Charity Putman and Teri Quappe.

Teri is also co-director along with mum Barrie (who also is one of the band). Both of them did all the choreography and Teri, if all that wasn’t enough, has one of the STAR roles – The Witch (and Cinderella’s mother).

Time does not permit me to say anymore except:


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