February 6, 2023

Triple C’s Pre-Kindergarten Students

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Cayman Islands Triple C’s Pre-Kindergarten Students – Looking to the Future

On Friday, March 31st, the students of Mrs. Cowan’s Pre-Kindergarten class lined up excited to present the career that he or she would like to do in the future. Dressed in full career costumes, the students represented police officers, doctors, mechanics, engineers, cowgirls, veterinarians, fire fighters. Each student also shared a little bit about their career choice like what they would do and why.

Mrs. Antoinette Cowan, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher shared that throughout the year the pre-kindergarten students are exposed to different themes with an aim to help them to understand the world in which they live. This year the students embarked on doing a Career Day Expo and an exhibition under the theme: Community Workers. This activity was done in order to help the students to be aware of the people who help them and to appreciate the fact that each community worker is important.

“Teaching Pre- Kindergarten students about community helpers connects them to their neighborhood and helps them to appreciate the hard work of the people in their community,” Mrs. Cowan expressed. “They get to dramatize different roles and expand their knowledge as they learn the functions of each worker. They learn public speaking skills as they introduced themselves and talk about their jobs. It was indeed a collaborative approach as our super moms and dads came on board and helped us in the preparation process. We especially would like to thank our good cooperate citizens ,Tasty Patties, Kirk
Market and Hurley’s for graciously donating all baked products for our Career Day Expo.”

“It was great to see the each of the students so excited to share their career choice,” said Mrs. Jennifer Allen, Elementary Vice-Principal. “This is a great time to expose little ones to all the different careers that work together to form our community. It gives them the opportunity to explore what makes each career special and think how they can make a difference one day when they join the work force. I would like to think that we are planting seeds of inspiration for our future doctors, lawyers, ballerina dancers, actors and one day we will get the opportunity to see them bloom.”

Picture 1: Triple C’s Pre-Kindergarten Class Picture 2: Wood, Kyle – Police Officer Picture 3: Almeria, Angelina – Nurse

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