January 24, 2022

Trinidad: She saved many women, but no one was there to save her

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 By Dennis Adonis From Guyana Guardian
“When I Had no Food or Money, She Was There For Me”

Hours after respected female Pastor Alisha Ali was murdered allegedly at the hands of a Guyanese senior Pastor in neighbouring Trinidad, members of her community who attended her church lamented that social upheaval and domestic issues will roam freely once again, now that she is dead.

Her murder which was widely reported in the media, occurred in the church compound, where Pastor Ali had occupied an apartment that was annexed to the St Michael Divine Healing Tabernacle church building at Gill Trace, Lamont Village, Longdenville.

Describe as the ”go to person” in the community, a Trinidad Newsday report and several social media posts have revealed how much of a loss Pastor Ali will be to the people of Longdenville, and the ways in which she had helped many persons in the community.

From helping them to send their children to school, to aiding with house rent, and saving them from violent relationships, the list of Pastor Ali’s good deeds seemed almost never-ending.

Crying out that she did not deserve to be sent off like that, one woman pointed out that if it was not for the intervention of Pastor Ali, she herself would have been a murder victim. Refer to a now happy life, the visibly distraught woman lamented that she saved many women, but no one was there to save her”.

Another man highlighted the fact that when he or his family did not have any food or money, Pastor Ali will always reach out and help him, no matter how many times he approached her.

Being a respected woman in the community, families, husbands, and wives, would often go to her to resolve disputes, marital problems, dishonoured arrangements, and other controversial matters that would have otherwise required the intervention of the courts.

Many pointed out that whenever Pastor Ali makes a ruling on a matter, everyone in the community accepts her decision, resulting in major disputes coming to an almost immediate end.

”Even when it comes to child maintenance, she would visit the fathers in other communities and preach to them, and somehow the men will start to take care of their children. But now that she is dead, this community will be thrown j to chaos, because we have no one else to go to”, said ‘Itz Trini-Gurl Fiona’ in her Facebook post.

While the relationship or friendship level between the 42-year-old God-fearing grandmother and the Guyanese Pastor remains unclear, no one is sure why he would have wanted to kill her in the first place.

Pastor Ali was killed in front of her ten-year-old granddaughter yesterday morning. She was stabbed several times about her body, and the butcher knife that was used to slaughter her was found stuck in her face.

Police in Trinidad are currently on the hunt for the Guyanese senior pastor who is reportedly in hiding,, or may be making efforts to flee the Island via the narrow stretch between Trinidad and Venezuela.

For more on this story go to: https://www.guyanaguardian.com/she-saved-many-women-but-no-one-was-there-to-save-her/

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