December 7, 2021

Traveling on your own: Essential tips for planning a solo trip

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Have you ever thought of going on a solo trip? It might sound like something simple to achieve but if you are visiting a foreign country that you have never been to before, you may need to rethink your presumption. While it could be an experience of a lifetime that allows you to carry out all the activities that you planned out with nobody changing your plans for you, there is also a need for very good planning. If you do not plan properly, it could turn out to be an awful experience and a waste of funds and time. Here are some tips to guide you.

Choose a location with no issues or impending ones

Whether you are going solo or vacationing with a partner, it is necessary to exercise a lot of care when choosing where you want to visit. There is a lot of news on the internet these days about anywhere. Doing in-depth research about any location you are considering will not hurt. Do not rely on general news. It is possible that a country may be considering a lockdown and you don’t want to be there during that period. It is also possible that the government of a state is planning to declare a state of emergency. You definitely won’t be enjoying your vacation staying indoors every time or having an aura of fright around you if this state of emergency meets with you in that location. Add the fact that you are alone in a foreign country and everything could be a lot more complicated.

Plan your first few days of the trip

Doing a solo journey means you will most probably be alone in a foreign country when you arrive at your destination. That could feel very intimidating. There would be concerns about where to start, where to go, or who you should talk to for help. If you do not plan your first few days in the foreign country before you set out, it could be overwhelming. You can answer your where-to-stay question by booking accommodation online before you even set out. You can also plan a few tours and schedule your airport pickups. 

Confirm that you have all your travel documents

Make sure you have all your travel documents and most importantly an international driving permit. This is because there are some places that may be difficult to access unless you rent a car that you can drive around. Remember that you are alone and may not have it easy asking a total stranger to tag along with you or help you with renting a car with his or her permit. You can only ask to rent a car when you have that permit because it is universally accepted and serves as an assurance that you do know how to drive and will follow all traffic rules. Do some good research and take the necessary steps so you can make things easy for yourself especially in the first few days.

Be in a public place especially at nights

Nowhere on earth is absolutely safe and it is very important to observe safety measures as much as possible when you are on a solo trip. Ensure that you are not in quiet and lonely places at night. Just mix in with people in any location you find yourself at. It is a known fact that people with bad intentions, lurk in dark and quiet places looking for a vulnerable victim. So, make sure that you exude a lot of confidence whenever you are alone and do not appear lost or carry a gesture that suggests that you are new in town. Make your inquiries before your journey and when you hit your destination, be smart throughout.

Make use of available technology

Deciding to go on a solo trip tells a lot about your self-reliance. However, this shouldn’t stop you from making use of available resources. Utilize technology when needed and make sure you are always around a place with free wifi. Use Google maps when you need directions or use Google translate if you are having issues understanding the location’s language. Anytime you are faced with any issue that technology can solve, just pull out your phone and go online.

Final word

Doing a solo trip involves taking in new surroundings without any travel partner’s influences, prejudices, or preferences. A solo trip gives you the opportunity to get involved fully. Though there are advantages, being safe as well as the loneliness that comes with it, pose as causes for concern. I would say that you take the bold step with appropriate plans and you will definitely have beautiful stories to tell.

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