September 30, 2020

Tourism Director Appointed


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The new Director of Tourism is Mr. Shomari Scott.

Mr. Scott, who was Acting Director of Tourism and Deputy Director of International Marketing and Promotions from 2008, has been named director of the Department of Tourism after succeeding in the interview process at the end of May.

His appointment commenced on 1 June, Chief Officer for Tourism and Development in the Ministry, Mr. Stran Bodden announced.

“The Ministry has no doubt that Mr. Shomari Scott is the individual to take Cayman Islands tourism into the future and onto the next level,” Chief Officer Bodden said. “Over the past four years, Mr. Scott has proven himself time and again as the Director of Tourism. His passion for promoting the Cayman Islands is unparalleled. The Ministry is proud and fortunate to have Mr. Scott at the helm of the Department of Tourism,” Mr. Bodden added.

“I am delighted to see a capable, young Caymanian assuming his rightful place leading such a vital agency as the Department of Tourism,“ the Premier and Minister of Finance, Tourism and Development, the Hon. W. McKeeva Bush, OBE, JP, commented.

“During the past four years, as Acting Director, Mr. Scott has more than demonstrated he is ready to lead the Department of Tourism. He has skilfully executed the policies that I put in place resulting in ever increasing tourism air arrivals. This is testimony to his ability to build our tourism market even in tough economic times. Mr. Scott’s innovative approach to marketing the Cayman Islands’ tourism product, his dedication and strong work ethic have earned him the respect of professionals in the tourism industry. I am confident he will lead by example and continue to instil vibrancy and innovation into the department. We have a good man to lead our tourism team into the future.” Mr. Bush said.

Mr. Scott continued with managerial and critical thinking training after his business administration degree majoring in marketing. It took him a mere six years to rise to the post of Acting Director from Events Marketing Representative, later Manager of Marketing and Promotions (USA) before taking over as Deputy Director of International Marketing and Promotions and Acting Director.

“Making a difference in my country has been my ultimate goal and passion from my youth. As a teenager I worked summers and Christmases in the tourism industry and through this experience decided that I wanted to marry my love for marketing with tourism in order to leave a positive imprint in the future,” Director Scott said. “I have dedicated myself to whatever position I have held in the department from when I first interned in 1996 and in this now permanent post of Director will continue to do so.

“I give the most sincere thank you to the extraordinary team in DOT for all of the quality support that I have received from them over the years as I wouldn’t have been successful in any of my positions in the DOT without them.”

Mr. Scott added, “I keenly look forward to collaborative strategies in order to positively increase the best air arrival year the CI has seen in a decade which we achieved last year. What will be most important is working closely with all stakeholders so that within our sphere of influence we can make the Cayman Islands the best tourism destination possible and in doing so increase the economic benefits for our people and its residents.”


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