October 21, 2020

Total crime falls in Cayman Islands but robberies double


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IMG_5437The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has released statistics for the first quarter of 2015 – see attachments.


Although overall crime is down by over 23% robberies have increased by a staggering 100%! Serious crime has increased by 1.6%. Murders doubled – from 1 in 2014.


With more vigilance and publicized crackdown on road users 37% more bookings were recorded for traffic offenders. However, the much lauded zero tolerance hasn’t stopped road deaths. The statistics show there were 4 road deaths but with another 3 following after the stats it makes very grim reading. Even with the four it is shocking as there were none in the first quarter of 2014. Speeding tickets issued was up by 114% adding to the major problem here – drivers are not getting the message that speed kills!


There was, however, some better news – drunk driving offences were down 42%. Persons driving unlicensed vehicles was up by 48%. People seem to be getting the message re wearing seat belts as offences in that category was down by 30% and getting better every month.


Firearm offences are the same as 2014 – four.


As with all statistics numbers are misleading, especially with the crime stats showing a reasonable decrease. Gambling, Breach of Youth Rehabilitation Order and Marine Offences all showed a 100% decrease with none recorded and Harass Alarm or Distress down 66% plus Threatening Offences down 50%. If these were removed from the stats the overall crime fall would not look quire so good. Taken against a 100% increase in murders it looks even worse.

It’s the same with traffic accidents. Overall it looks better when we know it is far from it. A road death equates to the same as a fender bender in statistics when in reality they are very different.

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