June 30, 2022

Top 5 Spots in Hanoi for Adventurous Traveler

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Hanoi, the capital and the second-largest city in Vietnam, attracts millions of international visitors per year, striving to admire the ancient architecture and feel the atmosphere of this charismatic city. The capital comprises over a thousand years of unique history, which resulted in the exotic blend of Asian pagodas, French colonial buildings, and communist block constructions.

Uniting both old and modern Vietnam with its thriving economic center, pulsating streets, and traditional culture of the Old Quarter, Hanoi is a popular tourist destination. Our list of the best attractions in Hanoi can help you build a solid list to rely on. Take a city map and mark 5 must-see stops to enjoy during your future walking tours in Hanoi.

5 Stops in Hanoi You Can’t Miss

A first-time traveler should note that tourist destinations in Hanoi are grouped into two main areas: the French Quarter and the Old Quarter. The “French Quarter” features distinctive colonial-era villas and broad tree-fringed avenues, while the “Old Quarter” boasts of small street blocks, alleys, and a traditional Vietnamese atmosphere. Let’s take a pre-tour to know what else makes Hanoi the most visited city in Vietnam.

  1. The Old Quarter

Take a deep breath and prepare for the boost of adrenaline: you are in Hanoi’s historic core. A single square kilometer center comprises 36 streets where a traveler can feel the commercial heartbeat of town and observe street vendor action. You can stroll the streets, taste plenty of street food from pavement vendors, view Buddhist religious trappings, and buy traditional medicines. 

  1. Hoan Kiem Lake

Hanoi also has a bundle of tranquil places to escape for some peace. This well-known picturesque landmark is nestled on the southern edge of the Old Quarter. A small island with Ngoc Son Temple can be reached by a red bridge, making it the main tourist attraction. Besides, it can provide you with an insight into the daily life of the locals: Hanoians frequently practice their Tai Chi routines by the water’s edge.

  1. One Pillar Pagoda

This eleventh-century Buddhist wooden temple is located in the middle of a lotus pond, with the design resembling a lotus flower flourishing from muddy waters. The Emperor built it to honor the Bodhisattva of Mercy, who blessed him with a male heir. You can see a small shrine in the middle of the construction on a single pillar in the pond.

  1. Hanoi Opera House

Culture lovers can appreciate an impressive showcase of acrobatics, traditional Vietnamese dance, and music in this largest country theater. It is a beautiful colonial building constructed back in the 20th century, attracting renowned productions, performers, and musicians. First-time travelers usually start with the “My Village” performance to get familiarized with Vietnamese culture.

  1. Saint Joseph’s Cathedral 

Hanoi is also named “Paris of the East” for its French influences. This neo-Gothic church traced its history back to 1886 and attracts multicultural crowds of worshippers and Vietnamese newlyweds. The architect was inspired by Notre Dame de Paris. You can access the interior of the cathedral from the back through the offices for the Diocese of Hanoi.

Prepare for Fascinating Experience in Hanoi

The list of tourist destinations in Hanoi doesn’t end here: Ngoc Son Temple, The Water Puppet Theater, Vietnamese Women’s Museum, etc. The city features a humid subtropical climate with high precipitation rates, so don’t forget to pack your umbrella in the suitcase or backpack. Get ready to inhale the essence of Vietnamese life and feel the charm of its ancient stree

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