July 1, 2022

Top 20 curvy South African celebrities

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Source: Ghana News

The female body can be appreciated for its many shapes and sizes. However, men can attest to the fact that curves on a woman are sexy. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have made curves a popular and acceptable thing, even in Hollywood. These top 20 curvy South African celebrities have even brought it closer home and in a way confirmed the elegance and supremacy of African beauty.

Women go to the extremes of having plastic surgery done in order to enhance their bodies to become curvier. In South Africa, a country blessed with beautiful women, curvy is the norm, and these top 20 curviest South African celebrities take the lead in having bodies that any woman would envy.

Faith Nketsi

Faith Nketsi, aka “Queen Twerk”, is a South African entertainment model. The curvaceous beauty does not shy away from showing off her sizeable assets and has managed to garner a following of 909k fans on Instagram. She is rumored to have partied with Cardi B’s husband Offset, and has previously been linked with the singer Davido as well. Faith is also an entrepreneur with a program that offers to help women get a tinier waist, which would help enhance their curves.

Khabonina Quebeka

Khabonina is a mother, a fitness guru, a media personality, a businesswoman and an actress. There is seemingly nothing she cannot do. She attributes her curves to her rigorous fitness lifestyle. It is no secret that Khabonina has worked hard for her body and continues to do so in order to maintain the sexy curves she has. One of her favorite exercises is yoga, and she has often proven her flexibility. She claims that one of her goals is to help South Africans become fitter and healthier.

Tango Ncetezo

Tango makes it to the list of the most curvy South African celebrities and is known for her role in the second season of South African drama series A Place Called Home. She, however, found her fame on the television series Rockville, in her role as Peggy. The curvy actress has also appeared in Wild Heart. For Tango, acting is what she always wanted she studied at The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance. She has a strong social media following with around 50.1 k followers on Instagram.

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