October 21, 2020

Time Attack!


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Time Attack is where cars race around a small circuit of road one at a time, trying to beat the stopwatch, and is organised by the Cayman Motorsports Association.

It takes its name from a highly competitive Japanese Circuit event where cars are built to the limits to complete one lap on a track in the fastest time possible. But the in Cayman event is actually closer to the SOLO and SOLO II events that take place in the U.S, the organisers say.

The focus of the events are car control and skill, rather than speed.

Spectators, as well as fast car enthusiasts had a blast as the cars revved up, and then shot round the track when the green flag went down.

Cayman Motorsports Association has a long, rich arid colourful history. Formerly known as the Autocross Association of the Cayman Islands, CMA has come from the back roads to dirt tracks and hopefully to a paved facility one day.

Caption for all photos: Time Attack focuses on skill and control, while pushing cars to the limit. Photos by Christopher Tobutt


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