June 28, 2022

Three Irish Nationals Charged with Obtaining Property by Deception and other offenses, 2 November

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Shortly after 1:00PM on Saturday, 27 October, police received a report that three men had attended a business on North Church Street and offered to paint the parking lot of the business for a fee while claiming to be employed by the NRA. It was later ascertained by the business-owner that the men were not employed by the NRA. Following an investigation, three men were located and taken into custody. The men, who are Irish nationals visiting the island, ages 20, 21 and 22, have been formally charged with Obtaining Property by Deception and Personating a Public Officer. They were also charged for Working Without a Permit.

They appeared in court on Wednesday, 31 October, and have been bailed to return on Tuesday, 6 November.

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