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This couple quit their jobs to sail around the Caribbean for 10 months

By Erika Owen From Travel Leisure

If only we could all quit our jobs to sail the Caribbean. Lucky for us, there are people like Catherine Marks and her husband Will Marks who take the plunge and bring us along via YouTube for some vicarious adventuring. The couple share their experiences on Monday Never, a blog that documents the time they spent sailing the ocean and also exploring the Bahamas and Europe.

But first, a bit of background: The Marks, previously a management consultant (Catherine) and an engineer (Will), met at Yacht Week in the British Virgin Islands back in 2011. (Sense a theme?) It was the very first time Catherine had sailed, according to the Monday Never blog. It was the beginning of the pair’s relationship, which sent them to San Francisco.

They eventually decided to cut costs in a slightly unconventional way, by buying an old sailboat and sailing around the Caribbean for 10 months — but saving some money wasn’t the only benefit. In an interview with, the couple talks about how much it ended up relieving stress: “It gave us a break from the stress of work and let us live a simpler life. We got to spend all of our days together, snorkeling and freediving the most beautiful water in the world.”

Doesn’t sound like the worst way to live.

While they’re looking to take to the seas again, the couple also spent some time exploring Europe in a sidecar motorcycle. It may sound like a casual experience — spending your days freediving and catching dinner — but the couple saved a pretty penny for their 10-month adventure.

“We saved aggressively for several years to buy a 36-foot, 1989 CS Merlin sloop for $37,000, which we sold for close to that when our adventure was over,” they shared with “We budgeted to spend $4,000 per month on expenses, emergencies, and boat repairs, but we rarely spent more than $3,000.”

It’s a dream for many, kicking conventional paychecks to the curb to instead see the world. But it’s not impossible. Want to know more about the Marks and their extended vacation? Head on over to their YouTube account, Monday Never.

IMAGES: Cruise Couple Courtesy of Katherine Marks

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