September 20, 2021

These were the top 10 illegally downloaded TV shows in 2015

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game-of-thronesBy Jethro Nededog From Business Insider

Once again, “Game of Thrones” is the No. 1 pirated show of the year.

This is the fourth consecutive year that the HBO fantasy drama has topped this list, with a huge 14.4 million downloads on BitTorrent, according to TorrentFreak.

To give you a sense of the show’s popularity on piracy websites, there’s a difference of eight million downloads between “GoT” and the No. 2 most-downloaded series on the list, “The Walking Dead.”

“Game of Thrones” also beat TV’s most-watched show, CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory,” which is in the third-place slot.

Despite the creation of HBONow for non-cable subscribers in the past year, the prominence of “GoT” here is not a big surprise. Earlier this year, it broke an all-time record for illegal downloads when more than 258,131 users shared the same “GoT” torrent file simultaneously.

And according to TorrentFreak, illegal downloads aren’t declining at all. They’re in fact increasing, many to levels way above the traditional TV audience numbers for programs.

Which other shows have become favorites for illegal downloading? Here’s the list of 2015’s most-pirated TV shows.
10-suits-usa-network10. “Suits” (USA Network)
10. “Suits” (USA Network)
USA Network
Estimated downloads: 2,600,000

Estimated TV viewers (US Only): 2,380,000

9-the-blacklist-nbc9. “The Blacklist” (NBC)
9. “The Blacklist” (NBC)
NBC screencap
Estimated downloads:2,900,000

Estimated TV viewers (US only): 10,110,000

8-supergirl-cbs.jpg8. “Supergirl” (CBS)
8. “Supergirl” (CBS)
Darren Michaels/CBS
Estimated downloads: 3,000,000

Estimated TV viewers (US Only): 12,960,000

7-vikings-history-channel-17. “Vikings” (History Channel)
7. “Vikings” (History Channel)
History Channel
Estimated downloads: 3,300,000

Estimated TV viewers (US Only): 5,010,000

6-mr-robot-usa-network6. “Mr. Robot” (USA Network)
6. “Mr. Robot” (USA Network)
USA Network
Estimated downloads: 3,500,000

Estimated TV viewers (US Only): 1,750,000

5-the-flash-the-cw5. “The Flash” (The CW)
5. “The Flash” (The CW)
The CW
Estimated downloads: 3,600,000

Estimated TV viewers (US Only): 4,010,000

4-arrow-the-cw4. “Arrow” (The CW)
4. “Arrow” (The CW)
The CW
Estimated downloads: 3,900,000

Estimated TV viewers (US Only): 3,920,000

3-the-big-bang-theory-cbs3. “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS)
3. “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS)
CBS/”Big Bang Theory”
Estimated downloads: 4,400,000

Estimated TV viewers (US Only): 18,300,000

2-the-walking-dead-amc2. “The Walking Dead” (AMC)
2. “The Walking Dead” (AMC)
Gene Page/AMC
Estimated downloads: 6,900,000

Estimated TV viewers (US Only): 15,780,000

1-game-of-thrones-hbo1. “Game of Thrones” (HBO)
1. “Game of Thrones” (HBO)
Estimated downloads: 14,400,000

Estimated TV viewers (US Only): 8,110,000

*TorrentFreak’s numbers are based on data provided by several sources, including public BitTorrent trackers. Online streaming and downloads for file-hosting services are not included.

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