July 3, 2020

These playing cards can take a bullet


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Playing cards, just like anything else, are ripe for disruption. I’ve purchased cards in airports, a and the supermarket…but never online. That might change because of this Kickstarter. This is the biggest news since the .

If you ever wondered what you’d do if someone pulled a gun on you as you were playing poker, wonder no more. A group called “” are seeing pickup on its playing cards that are made out of Kevlar or carbon fiber…your choice. These materials, as you probably know, can take a bullet. I’m not the only person who feels like I need this added protection, as they’ve already raised $40,371 as of writing (way past their $25,000 goal).

I’ve never shot a deck of regular playing cars, since I don’t really like guns and most certainly don’t have a gun, but I imagine that it’d put a hole right through every card. These Kevlar ones? Not so much. Have a watch as their deflection of bullets is put on display:

I’m sure Sly Kly doesn’t want to say that these cards could save your , but if you were to happen to have them in a front shirt pocket and someone aimed a gun in your general direction from far away and fired it directly at the area where your cards were stored…they might save your .

In reality, these cards won’t bend or tear like regular cheap playing cards and I assume that they’ll last much much longer.

They come in this nifty metal case and you can nab a carbon fiber set by pledging $130 or more or a Kevlar set by pledging $135 or more. Small price to play for bulletproof playing cards. I guess.

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