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The Young at Heart Fellowship

IMG_0659resOn Tuesday morning, 31 March 2015, Savannah United Church hosted the monthly Bodden Town “Young at Heart” fellowship for seniors. Approximately 30 seniors had a wonderful time of fellowship. The committee in charge of the function made everyone feel welcome. Each table was decorated with palm fronds, Easter eggs, and chocolate.

After an opening prayer, a mini sermon was given by Rev. Thuara, the Youth Minister. Then it was on to the singing. Everyone joined in. Noel Wallace, the Music Minister, played the keyboard and song sheets were provided but everyone seemed to know the words. The attendees were in fine voice.

Everyone present thoroughly enjoyed the next item on the programme – entertainment by “Aunt Sookie”. With her two “assistants”, she kept everyone laughing. Even when she was finished, people were reluctant to let her go, so she led the group in another round of singing.

To round out the delightful time had by all, a meal of grilled fish, spicy Cayman beef, rice and beans, sweet potato, breadfruit, coleslaw and mixed vegetables, with cake and fruit for dessert, was served.

Everyone commented on what a wonderful time they had.


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