October 24, 2020

The world according to Big J


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Reggae singer and songwriter Big J - at work and at play

Jeffrey Seymour, otherwise known as “Big J,” has been in the music business – which for him means writing and performing reggae songs, as well as Deejaying – for around 10 years.

In the best tradition of reggae music, each song has a message- sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but always a thoughtful comment about life the way Big J sees it.

Talking of his musical roots, 33-year-old Big J said: “I had a cousin and his name was Papa Sleepy, he’s passed away now. When I was a kid he just used to sit in his chicken coup – that’s where he used to get his inspiration – playing his guitar.  He was a pure reggae man. Mostly Bob Marley songs I used to hear him playing.

“When I started (writing and singing) he would come and check me and tell me what he think I was doing wrong.”

“My first song was called ‘Rich Rich Man’ and was recorded in a house in Randyke Gardens,” Big J said.

“That song got a lot of airplay, people really like it still you know.

Big J with Reggae legends Luciano and Mikey General

“After that I won the World AIDS day competition they had in Cayman – and I was going to represent Cayman in the BBC World AIDS day competition. I was supposed to do an interview in England but I didn’t make it because I didn’t have a ticket. At that time I asked for help from the Government but nobody would help me. I felt bad listening to the interview on the radio and the man said: “We’re supposed to have Big J from the Cayman Islands, live on air today and we didn’t know why he didn’t show up.”

If you listen to the radio, you can here Big J’s latest hit, ‘All that they want’, a song co-written with Fanton Mojah.

“Last couple of years I released three music videos – you can see them on YouTube.”

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