September 17, 2021

The Unfinished Work of Maurice Bishop, by Peter Binose

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Here is an extract of the last chapter in Peter Binose’s unpublished book about Maurice Bishop. I am not sure when Peter actually wrote this because he started the book in 2004 and I believe but am not sure finished it in 2010.

I thank his family for allowing me to publish this and I hope the Caribbean public takes heed for the future.

I may be able to publish the whole book shortly.

Sandra Bynoe


The first overthrow of a communist country in the Caribbean thoroughly embarrassed Fidel Castro, strengthened US President Ronald Reagan’s hand with the allies in Europe, and shook the Kremlin. Bishop, his regime and many compatriots kept amazing records of everything, the Americans seized all these records, took them to the USA and copied them by micro fiche. Everything is recorded, Bishops daily diaries, secret and public files, agreements with governments including the USSR and Cuba, and lots of records and names regarding communist helpers, individuals, groups and supporters in other Caribbean countries.

Maurice Bishop had dreamed of being a Castro type president of Grenada and later the Eastern Caribbean Group of islands. Starting with Grenada, then spreading communism like a creeping cancer through the islands. Bishop had been recruited by the Soviets whilst living in London, and trained during his frequent visits to Eastern European countries, and was then passed on to the Cubans. The communist dictator Fidel Castro was at this time little more than a puppet to the Soviet Union and Maurice Bishop was a puppet to them both, Castro was trying to spread communism throughout the Americas and Caribbean, as he still is. Bishop idolized Castro and served him well. Unfortunately for him his demise was ordered by the Russians and Coed took the appropriate action.

Bishop never completed his work in the Caribbean, which was the installation of a military airport and conversion of the Eastern Caribbean group of islands to socialist states. There will probably be other Cuban trained leaders that will follow him with the same dream, hopefully not in Grenada, that’s a failed project, perhaps one of the other islands with an unsuspecting and ignorant population.



Firstly the candidate must want to finish the work of Maurice Bishop, and may even be so brazen to declare so publicly. To finish Bishops work, the formula requires a charismatic man of high intelligence, a first class orator, a Marxist and preferably also Leninist communist. Someone who worships Marx, Stalin, Castro, Ernesto “Che” Guevara and the Castroite Cuban system. Adopt a name of endearment for yourself that the masses will remember, like ‘comrade or papa’.

You must be someone who can be trusted by the Cubans to complete Bishops work, converting your country to a communist state and be able to build a much needed military airport [perhaps the Russians will still be pulling the strings], which was a definite requirement of the Cubans in Bishops time.

To be capable of convincing the population, the candidate will need to promise an education revolution, a health revolution, a poverty alleviation revolution, and new grand airport, of course all with the help, assistance and workforce of the Cubans.

Encourage Cuban friendship Societies so as the Cubans have locals to subvert. Send young people to Cuba for University education, so as the Cubans can select future subverts.

The candidate needs to be a first degree liar. Will be prepared to lie to his family, lie to the Rastafarian population, lie to the religious and church communities, and lie to the people. Although you are a confirmed Marxist and as Karl Marx taught, pretend to be religious if it helps gain and sustain power, let your people think that you are a God fearing man, whilst really not so, just another lie in the many expected of you to present to the ignorant and greedy.

You will remember that like Maurice Bishop when you are in total power you will need to break all your promises and commitments, lock up the Rasta’s, perhaps disband and at the very least replace the police hierarchy with your own selected people, set about controlling the religious, especially the Catholics.

If you have got American students on your island, get rid of them quick, in case as with Grenada, the Americans come in and rescue them.

Be ready to give small sums of monies from the millions of US dollars given to you in cash by the benefactors, not too much or there will not be enough for yourself, family, relatives and close supporters. You will initially need to bribe the bourgeois members of society with much larger sums and perhaps even Knighthoods and duty free imports, pay off the members of old families and church leaders, give them well paid jobs, keep them busy, you can then thrive on their greed, when the time is right, get rid of them, destroy them.

Build a big new prison; you will need it to house your political prisoners, newspaper owners and radio station owners.

To be like Castro and Bishop, it would be preferred if the candidate was a lawyer, just as they were, and as many other left wing leaders were, and some still are.

Of course Cuba was under the influence and controlled by the Soviet Union (USSR). Russia acquired Cuban sugar at inflated prices and was financiers of their economy. The Russians used the Cubans as their eager nominees to spread communism in the Caribbean, Americas and Africa. Russia also needed Caribbean allies against their enemy the USA, somewhere to set up camp.

As we all know communism eventually collapsed in Russia [The Soviet Union was dissolved on December 26, 1991], but they are still trying to reform their hold over weaker states. Today Cuba is financed by Venezuela. So to continue Maurice Bishop’s work, there is a need to be a friend of Venezuela and all their friends, Iran, Libya, North Korea and all those communist leaders in South America and one or two in the Caribbean. There will be a definite need to join the ALBA and be a good buddy friend of Hugo Chavez, the communist dictator of Venezuela.

Oh! And by the way, suspend, or change the constitution as soon as possible, to help you put a proper strangle-hold on the people.

Finally the candidates must keep in mind that they may eventually come to a sticky end, so as they progress, keep plenty of armed police and body guards (and a few Cuban special forces) around, keep a fast boat always on stand-by, and keep the people frightened.

Who will finish the work of Maurice Bishop?

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