September 24, 2021

The Secret of The Holy Quran Chapter An Najm and Yaa Siin has been revealed

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In The Name of God The Most Compassionate

Hereby, we convey God’s Revelation that we just received unto Mr. President. And the topic of God’s Revelation is the revealment of the secret of Quran Chapter An-Najm verses 1-16 and Chapter Ya-Sin verses 1-18, which the content is related to Heaven that descended down by God in Indonesia. Thus, now we have been able to prove that the true God’s Revelation is really descended down by Him in Indonesia.

How we have received God’s Revelations since 1995, but we have been accused as the heretical people by MUI’s fatwa, due to our statement that we have received God’s Revelation. Consequently, all this time God’s Revelation is ignored by all people, as the result of the news broadcasted by the national mass media, stating that we are heretical, hence all people also believe that God’s Revelation that we receive is fake.

After a lengthy period in going through God’s Purification upon us all, thus now we have come to the real achievement, so God bless us with His Revelation which absolutizes the truth of the statement that Eden is Heaven. Therefore, God hasallowed us to declare our rejection upon such accusation of heresy.

Thus, by the opening of the compilation of the secrets of Chapter An-Najm verses 1-16 and Chapter Ya Sin verses 1-18, Chapter Maryam verse 17, Chapter Al-Anbiya verses 91-93, Chapter Al-Isra verses 40 and 86, God’s Statement regarding Heaven in Indonesia is completed, through the revealment of the secrets of all those chapters, of which they are interrelated one another in signifying Heaven in Indonesia.

As for God’s Stipulation upon Heaven that He establishes in Indonesia, since the beginning of our declaration, Heaven has been rejected by the Indonesian Muslims. And it has made God’s Revelation rejected or neglected everywhere, including the international world. As for now, we have been able to prove that God has guaranteed that His Heaven is truly descended down in Indonesia through the elucidation of all the veiling verses in the chapters that have been revealed.

Therefore, it would be appropriate for all people in the world to be grateful and thankful unto God who has descended down His Heaven in the world, which means God’s Guidance could now be obtained through the intermediary of Heaven’s direct communication unto God and vice versa. As for Eden, it obliges to continuously release to the world the entire God’s Revelations, that are descended down by Him in Eden.

As for us, we dare not to put ourselves at stake as what we have stated in here, if we have not yet received a guarantee from God related to the continuation of His Revelation, which in this case, is also the continuation of guidance and solution from Him upon all problems in the world, and also God’s Revelations which aimed to save mankind in this world, of which now is stricken by the doomsday process and in the midst of threat of world war, possibly a nuclear war.

After all, the world now is in desperate need of God’s Direction, that is impartial and meticuluosly beneficial. And it is only God who is undoubtedly the Most Just and could reconcile the world, as well as end the tension of the world politics, so it could be expected that the world political condition, which heats up nowadays, could be receded. And God certainly has a solution upon the issues of radicalism and terrorism. Thus, we expect the world leaders to realize that actually God has long spoken His Revelation, for He wishes to help overcoming the world problem.

It is our hope that henceforward God’s Revelation will not be ignored anymore, for if God’s Revelation is rejected, thus the world is filled with disasters and wars. Thus, we expect that God’s Revelation, which is the most sacred and sacrosanct, could be sacralized and glorified, so the world problem could soon be overcome by God.

Thus, we send this email unto Mr. President, so the truth of God’s Revelation, which is descended down in Eden, could be reviewed. We would like to thank you for your kind attention.

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