February 19, 2020

The Publisher speaks: What happened to the ‘Avon Calling’ girls?


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Joan Wilson

Do you remember the Avon girls? The TV and Radio Ads with a door chime and a lady’s voice saying, “Avon calling”?

They’re not calling anymore.

And last year I learnt that Avon has closed in Australia and New Zealand. This was after their Press Release that said:

“Today [Sept 21 2018] , Inc. (NYSE: AVP) today will host its 2018 Investor Day and introduce the Company’s new long-term strategy to “Open Up Avon” and return to growth.”

You can read the whole PR as part of an article we published today “Avon lady gets a digital makeover”.

A digital Avon calling lady? Whatever next? A robot Avon lady?

Ten years ago I published this poem about Avon aptly entitled “AVON CALLING” and Colin thought I should share it with you…….


By Joan Wilson

Avon calling,” says the lady

As she knocked upon the door

Avon calling,” I repeated

As I moved across the floor.


A pretty lady entered

Wearing quite a happy smile

And dressed so neat and tidy

So like the Avon style.


An Avon bag she carried

With orders big and small

Each order had a name attached

Which I was asked to call.


As the ladies took their orders

We nearly all took flight

For a great big spider jumped out the bag

And gave us all a fright.


Was this the Avon spider?

I really have my doubts

For when he ran across my desk

You could’ve heard my shouts.


For Avon doesn’t sell creepy crawly things

But very nice jewelery like bracelets and rings

They even sell stuffed teddy bears and tiny ornaments

Finger nail polish and quite a variety of scents.


So where in the world was this spider trying to get?

Did he ever dream that he’d live to regret,

Chancing a trip in the Avon lady’s bag?

That long leg spider sure ran into a snag.

** END

FOOTNOTE: I haven’t heard any good news about Avon and there won’t be any Avon Calling in 2019. So sad.
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