February 23, 2020

The Publisher speaks: Think Again [starts with chickens and ends with a donkey]


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Joan (Watler)Wilson

Colin didn’t know what to write about today so I told him to “think again”.

It was then, I remembered I had written a poem many years ago with that title.

As it started with chickens and we are overrun with them I thought it might be worth sharing with you and it is amusing……

So, Colin readily made way for me so, enjoy……


There’s been a lot said about chickens lately

And I can understand why,

Especially when we can’t get enough sleep

No matter how much we try.


Years ago my garden was a favourite spot.

Stray chickens really loved my place,

But they soon decided to scrabble elsewhere

When my dog Indianna gave chase.


Now Indianna wouldn’t hurt a fly.

She’s so gentle and not known to bite,

But when these chickens saw her coming

They very soon took flight.


But you know chickens aren’t the nosiest of birds

I’ve had worse disturbances at night.

For instance once I was shocked out of my sleep

By three peacocks lost in flight.


They decided to settle on my roof no less.

These beautiful birds so proud

And the noise they were making together

No jackhammer could’ve been as loud.


But of course I didn’t know what the commotion was.

I didn’t even know there were peacocks around

So I got my flashlight and with my husband

We went to have a good look around.


This is when I got the shock of my life

To see these peacocks perched so high

On my housetop and a tin one at that.

They had settled and refused to fly.


But wait! You all haven’t heard anything yet

Just keep reading and you’ll agree

A much louder noise than chickens and peacocks

Was outside my room window tied to a tree.


It was the bray of a full-grown donkey

And you know what a “hee haw” that can be.

I was shocked, frightened – not to mention mad

To be awakened in the morning at three!


Would you believe someone had tied that donkey there?

For whatever reason they might give,

And as stupid as it was I had to laugh at it all,

It was a disturbance I’ll remember as long as I live.


PS: Later I found out the donkey had been ‘borrowed’ for a children’s event across the road on Pageant’s Beach by the Wharf Restaurant. Dr. Frank McField was the culprit and as it was late he tethered it to a tree on the boundary of my property and was coming back for it in the morning to return it to the owner.

In the meantime my three children thought it would be fun to take the donkey to a house that had a big fenced in grassed yard and have donkey rides and to feed it.

Imagine the shock Dr. Frank had in the morning to find the donkey was gone.

It was only in the evening we heard on the radio the owner was offering a reward for its safe return.

I didn’t claim the reward but I gave Dr. Frank some choice words for not telling me and asked him to “think again” if there ever is a next time. We both now laugh about it.

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