October 30, 2020

The Publisher speaks: Poem – “What a Find”


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Joan Wilson

By Joan E. Wilson

As promised yesterday, here is the poem relating to the last incident described in the story.

And thank you to Chris Johnson who placed the lovely comment on the website. Yes, Chris, there are still many, many, honest people about, and not just us Caymanians.


By Joan (Watler) Wilson


I walked through town a few days ago

Passing thousands of people I didn’t even know

Not one person did I recognize no one at all

‘Til I passed the Court building and heard a call.

“A you Miss Jo, now way you going this mornin’?

Wah happin to your car how come yuh walkin’?”

“Oh hello,” I said to this old friend of mine.

“I haven’t seen you in a long long time.”

“Ah, my child I okay, yuh nuh. I not too bad,

But the news I hearin’ makes me feel so sad.”


“What’s that?” I asked, “What have you heard?”

She said her friend had lost all his money he had earned,

For one weeks work and it was all he had but he lost it today.

“I’m sorry to hear this.” What else could I say?

I continued my walk however to the Tower Building.

Did what I had to do and was quickly returning,

I mean, I had to almost walk in the middle of the street

There were thousands of people milling around my feet.

So many as well were sitting on the sidewalk

In the shade of the bank they all sat to talk.


And in front of the bank where they all sat around

I spotted an envelope lying on the ground.

No one seemed to notice so I quickly picked it up

Said nothing to no one in case I’d interrupt.

I continued walking and wondering about my find

Can you imagine what was going through my mind?

I didn’t open the envelope ’til i got where I was going

I was certainly curious but really not knowing

What might be the contents the guess was anybody’s

One thing i knew for certain – it was somebody’s.


So here goes – I opened it and much to my surprise

I had a job believing what was before my eyes.

Money – money. Lots and lots of cash.

Wow – now me and my friends could have a big splash.


But what about the poor soul who’d lost the money?

Having lost a weeks earnings wasn’t very funny.

So I did the right thing I advertised my find

If the owner could identify it would ease my mind.

So advertise I did and you can believe it or not

The amount of phone calls in ten minutes I got.


From persons all claiming and hoping against hope

That I’d found their money in an envelope

But the description they gave didn’t fit the bills

And they were so sad when i said it wasn’t theirs.

Hour after hour desperate voices kept calling

Hoping and praying it was their money I was holding.

Then that evening as I sat watching ‘Days of our Lives’

I got another call and much to my surprise

Not only was the caller accurate but I was satisfied

He was the owner of the envelope and the cash inside.


FOOTNOTE: And much to my surprise, I got a gift from the owner of the money – one I treasure to this day.

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  1. Chris Johnson says

    These are days of yesteryear when Joan and fellow Caymanians were honourable and God fearing. They did the right thing and I recall doing something similar in England when a youth.

    I feel that in this day and age most residents in Cayman would do,the same thing. I hope I am right.

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