July 10, 2020

The Publisher speaks: Missing pair of glasses – you won’t guess where I found them.


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By Joan Wilson

Joan E. Wilson

Gardening is my favorite past time but I do not garden with my glasses on. Last Monday, 10th October, I found myself gardening with my glasses on. I immediately removed them and put them on the back bumper of my SUV.

I finished my gardening and cleaning up my place and returned to my upstairs to cool down and have some porridge (yummm). I love hot porridge.

I, then, cooled my system down with three fans on me whilst I’m on the floor listening to Rooster.

Within half-hour I was under the shower and dressed ready to do my usual thing (shop, visit, etc.).

It was then I started to look for my glasses. I looked everywhere. No glasses to be found. So I put on an old pair and carefully drove out of my property just wondering where in the world my glasses could be – where did I put them?

Then as soon as I got into my car and out on the high way in the vicinity of HSBC I suddenly remembered where I had placed my glasses. In a safe place you can bet.

On the back bumper of my car, of course!

She was safely parked so it was ok to put my glasses on her bumper, wouldn’t you think? Sure that was ok if! could’ve remembered to take them off when my gardening was finished.

Anyway, as soon as I remembered where I had so stupidly placed them I quickly did a quick turn around into KIRK’s Supermarket and headed right back to see if! could find them.

Find them?! Oh yes I found them. But, guess where I found them?

As I approached Helen’s Drive, in the middle lane of the West Bay Road, there they were. Very dark at this point in time as the sun was very hot.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I quickly put on my lights and blinkers and parked in the middle lane and ran to pick them up.

Can you believe that??

And I didn’t cause an accident.

And my glasses are fine.

PS. The incident happened in 2016.

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