July 11, 2020

The Publisher speaks: CITN/CAYMAN 27


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By Joan Wilson

Joan Watler Wilson

I make no comment on the news today. I am still crying.


What an amazing thing has come to pass

For the Cayman Islands to have live TV at last

A TV Station that’s first class in every way

‘Bringing the world to you’ all every day.


But it wasn’t live five year ago

We only had tapes lined off in a row.

Most of us had a TV set installed


Like another piece of furniture against a wall.

And there were those who could well afford

To pay thousands of dollars and went overboard

In having a satelite dish erected

But the expense of this was more than expected.


I even had a man come into my garden one day

To give me an estimate and hear what he’d say

About where exactly I could put a dish

In the front or back garden if I so wished.


But where I thought was a suitable spot

This so-called expert said it was not,

I would have to remove three trees you see

But I said this couldn’t happen, this couldn’t be.


So I didn’t get a dish like most people did

My trees were more important so I went without instead.

You see, my trees and I go back a long long time

As they came from my mother before TV came on line.


It seems ironic for me to own a TV Station

To bring live TV to the nation,

But as chairman of CITN and the wife of Colin Wilson

We promised good viewing, so what better reason.


So to all our subscribers I say happy viewing

We hope you enjoy the programmes you’re seeing,

And if you have suggestions or an opinion to voice

Just give us a call and let us know your choice.

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