November 23, 2020

The perfect cuppa from Tea Time in Cayman

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shutterstock_70614628From Tea Time in Cayman:

How to Make the Perfect Cup

You are able to master brewing a cup of tea to your own liking by adjusting three factors: water temperature, steeping time and the amount of tea used.

Basic directions to make that perfect cup

.     1)Bring fresh, cold water to a rolling boil. Always start with the freshest, purest source of water available as this will heavily impact tea’s flavour.

.     2)Add tea leaves to a teapot, fill you own tea bag or infuser basket. Use 1 to 3 teaspoons per 8oz of water, depending on desired taste.

.     3)Pour boiling water directly over black, oolong and herbal tea. Allow water to cool slightly before brewing green or white tea.

.     4) Infuse leaves for 2-5 minutes. 3.5 minutes is a good standard steep time that works well for most teas. Do not oversteep or tea may become bitter. If you prefer strong tea, do not over steep, just use more leaves.

Island NaturalsTips

If your tea becomes too bitter, you may wish to either decrease the steep time or lower the water temperature, if your tea is too weak, you may wish to increase the steep time slightly, increase the water temperature or simply use an extra teaspoon of tea.

Avoid distilled, mineral and soft tap water, which will weaken tea’s flavour or impact a “chemical” or “off” taste. Filtered tap water or bottled spring water work best and will provide a lively, aromatic infusion.

The ideal water temperature for brewing most teas should be around 195 degrees fahrenheit  which is just before boiling point. We recommend that you bring your water to boil and let it cool for a minute to achieve that perfect brewing temperature. Some teas may go bitter if the water is too hot or taste dull or flat if the water is not hot enough.

Remember for that perfect cup, pre-heat your teapot or cup with hot water before brewing begins.

To hot tea, add honey, milk and/or sweetener to your preference. For iced tea try a slice of lemon, fruit or mint. You can try adding frozen berries or banana slices to replace ice cubes. Mixing iced tea with diced fruit/mixed berries and fresh mint sprigs will create a fresh Sangria style drink for those hot Cayman days. Tea Time in Cayman is a supplier of premium loose leaf tea, teaware and tea-themed gift baskets.

Enjoy a perfect cup of tea at work or share the moment at home with neighbours and friends.

We love Cayman and are excited to share our love of tea with each and every one of you.

Tea Time in Cayman host unique tea party events  and they continue on 9 February with an event done in partnership with Island Naturals called ‘Makeover from Inside Out’. Here guests will learn about the benefits tea has for their skin and enjoy a makeover demo compliments of Island Naturals.

They are held at The Grand Pavilion Courtyard and Tickets are CI$30 per person or CI$25 if you purchase four more if you purchase a ticket to all four tea parties!

Tickets available for purchase at Bay Market in Camana Bay or Tea Time in Cayman will deliver your ticket to your home or office for purchases of four or more tickets. February’s CHF LOGOtea party tickets will be sold at Island Naturals and Bay Market.

A portion of all proceeds will go to the Cayman Heart Fund.

Makeover From the Inside Out takes place Saturday, February 9, from 3pm-5pm

Come out and taste 8 of Tea Time in Cayman’s loose leaf teas paired with small bites from Bay Market while learning about the benefits that tea has for your skin.  Then sit back, relax and enjoy the makeover demo compliments of Island Naturals who will help you understand the benefits of using organic makeup and skin care.  See and feel the difference!

Tea Time in Cayman is a supplier of premium loose-leaf tea, tea-ware and tea-themed gift baskets.

Bay Market in Camana Bay is now selling all 32 varieties of our loose leaf tea, all tea-ware and also find a selection of your favourite teas at their Coffee & Tea Bar!

Island Naturals Cayman – Organic Beauty, Health & Wellness Products

Are you tired of reading labels to find products that are natural, organic, or just plain good for you? Make it easy on yourself and visit “Island Naturals”- the beautiful new store on West Bay Road, Coconut Place. Island Naturals offers products that are created from the heart and human spirit, inspired from real people who want pure, clean products without chemicals. This lovely, tranquil store provides customers with the highest quality natural & organic cosmetics and personal care products that are cost-effective and cruelty-free. The management takes pride in carrying products that contain only the highest quality natural ingredients!

If you are feeling stressed, take it down a notch by popping into this oasis for a chat with one of the friendly staff. They will assist with the right products to get you feeling better, inside and out. You can feel good about using their products (no animal testing is used for anything in the store) and your body will thank you. In the tropics, we have to be careful about what we use on our skin-go organic and see what a difference it makes!

There are terrific gift items, as well as ideal little things to have on hand for visitors. The Cayman teas make wonderful hostess gifts, or a cute item to take home to family afar, if you can manage not to drink them all-they are fantastic.

Island Naturals is open Monday-Saturday from 11am-6pm.  Unit 5, Coconut Plaza: in Seven Mile Beach-behind Edoardo’s.








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