May 6, 2021

The Music Modernization Act is signed into law

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From All Access Music Group

It’s official, as Pres. TRUMP has signed the ORRIN G. HATCH-BOB GOODLATTE Music Modernization Act.

THE VERGE reports, “The bill, heralded by labels, musicians, and politicians, unanimously passed through both the House and Senate before going to the president. The bill revamps Section 115 of the U.S. Copyright Act and aims to bring copyright law up to speed for the streaming era. These are the act’s three main pieces of legislation:

  • The Music Modernization Act, which streamlines the music-licensing process to make it easier for rights holders to get paid when their music is streamed online
  • The Compensating Legacy Artists for their Songs, Service, & Important Contributions to Society (CLASSICS) Act for pre-1972 recordings
  • The Allocation for Music Producers (AMP) Act, which improves royalty payouts for producers and engineers from SoundExchange when their recordings are used on satellite and online radio (Notably, this is the first time producers have ever been mentioned in copyright law.)”

MIC COALITION reacted, “Today, President DONALD J. TRUMP signed into law the most important piece of music legislation in a generation, the ORRIN G. HATCH-BOB GOODLATTE Music Modernization Act. This bipartisan legislation is proof that consensus is achievable among all music industry stakeholders — songwriters, recording artists, digital music companies, broadcasters and consumers. This critical reform — which includes important provisions to ensure Congressional oversight as the Department of Justice continues with its ongoing review of the ASCAP and BMI consent decrees — should serve as a model to address other longstanding music licensing issues, including the pursuit of transparency and efficiency in the multi-billion dollar performing rights licensing industry. We look forward to working alongside stakeholders in the music licensing community to ensure that this legislation is implemented in a way that continues to support a vibrant music marketplace for all.”

A2IM CEO RICHARD JAMES BURGESS released the following statement upon the signing of the MMA act into a law. “The signing of the Music Modernization Act into law, by the President, is the culmination of a gargantuan struggle that was resolved by an unparalleled alliance between all music industry stakeholders and the relevant tech companies. In this digital age, more music is enjoyed by more people than at any time in the history of humankind. The signing of this bill represents a significant step towards better lives for music creators and those that support them. A standing ovation is greatly deserved for all involved in this historic achievement.”

SESAC Chairman/CEO JOHN JOSEPHSON commented, “Today, President TRUMP signed the bi-partisan HATCH-GOODLATTE Music Modernization Act (The MMA), which will finally bring music copyright laws into the digital age. We applaud everyone’s hard work and tireless efforts on this legislation, especially the Senators who worked diligently to get the bill passed then adopted by the House. We’re grateful for our committed songwriting and publishing community whose focus and passion have strengthened our industry for generations to come.”

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