December 10, 2023

The mother and father-in-law of Sir Mark Thatcher has £1.5m jewellery stolen

mark-thatchers-in-laws-had-1-5m-of-designer-jewellery-stolen-during-inside-job-burglaryMark Thatcher’s in- laws had £1.5m of designer jewellery stolen during ‘inside job’ burglary.

The mother and father-in-law of Sir Mark Thatcher had £1.5m of designer jewellery stolen from their luxury London home in what police believe was an ‘inside job’.

Millionaire property developer Terry Clemence, 75, and his 72-year-old wife Patricia – sister of the late 1960s pop legend Kathy Kirby – were at their £3.5m home in the upmarket Belgravia field of the capital watching TV when the burglary happened.

Detectives say the couple were unaware it had happened and were unharmed.

Twenty pieces of jewellery were taken including a 7.75ct marquise diamond ring set in an 18ct white gold ring worth ‘hundreds of thousands of pounds’.

National News and Pictures Jewellery Haul: Intruders took 20 pieces including a Chanel platinum wedding band set with baguette diamonds

Also taken was Mrs Clemence’s Chanel platinum wedding band set with baguette diamonds and a Patek Philippe watch she gave her husband which had engraved on the back plate: “To Terry, Happy Birthday, Love Patricia”.

Their daughter Sarah-Jane married late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s son, Sir Mark, in Gibraltar in 2008. Mrs Clemence’s sister Kathy Kirby – best known for her cover version of Secret Love – died in 2O11.

Sarah-Janes’s sister Claudia is now Lady Rothermere, wife of Viscount Rothermere, Chairman of The Daily Mail and General Trust, which publishes the Daily Mail.

National News and Pictures Break In: A south sea pearl necklace was among the £1.5m worth of items taken

A award of £25,000 has been offered for information leading to the capture of the culprits and the return of the items after the break-in on Upper Belgrave Street.

Patricia Clemence, speaking today at the house, said she believes the thieves who targetted her and her husband as they watched TV may know them.

She said she remains shaken after the burglary at the millionaire townhouse she shares with her husband Terence in one of London’s poshest streets.

The Raffles-style snatch took place as the couple watched Saturday night television on the quiet residential street, which is dotted with ornate lampposts and home to the Ivory Coast and Belgian Embassies.

National News and Pictures Expensive Street: The break in took place at the couple’s property on Upper Belgrave Road in London

Speaking from a downstairs window, Mrs Clemence said : “I’m still quite shaken, it was awful. We’re leaving it to the police. I’m not saying any more.

Asked if she suspected the burglary had been an ‘inside job’ or committed by someone the couple knew, she said : “Yes. We’re letting the police deal with it.”

Belgravia is one of the world ‘s wealthiest residential areas with the average price of a property £2.5 million. Residents include a host of celebrities.

PA In Laws: The victims were the in laws of Mark Thatcher, pictured here with his wife Sarah

Detective Constable Nick Howard, of Westminster Police, said : “They had expertise of the property and of the couple’s movements. They were watching TV and had no idea about the raid until after it had happened.

“There was no break-in and the victims were not threatened. It is a townhouse – not palatial or anything such as that. The items are of great sentimental value.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting reference 6546319/14.”

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