November 29, 2020

The modern, bold and beautiful golden girls

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An enthusiastic and excited audience last Saturday (17) at The Harquail Theatre cheered on their favourites at Jewel Productions Cayman Islands “Golden Girls, Bold and Beautiful and Modern Miss Competitions.

There was no competition last year and this year’s (the 18th pageant) was also in doubt, but thirteen contestants came forward and the Island’s number one glamourous ‘granny’ (director of the event for many years), Jewel Smalldon, was persuaded to do it again. And we are grateful she did. It was a spectacular evening, even with the few hiccups, but that is part of the entertainment.

All thirteen girls had to submit themselves to a gruelling private interview in front of the four judges (that claimed 40% of the total mark) before they all appeared on stage in a lively Black and White Minstrel opening number. Kim Mullings sang “Santa Baby” before the two Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Bernie Bush and Dr. Mel Vance, did the welcomes and explained the different categories in the competition of “Modern Miss”, “Bold and Beautiful”, and the “Golden Girls.”

The contestants were then judged on Business Wear, Costumes and finally Evening Wear that included a question they had to answer. In the past the question has proved to be the deciding factor in how well it is answered and this year was no exception. The judges were asked to look for poise, grace and how the contestants accounted for themselves, in their overall marking. It was a difficult choice and in one of the prizes for best Evening Wear there was at first a tie and a ten minute delay ensued whilst the judges deliberated keeping the excitement and tension almost too much to bear.

The judges were Dana Bush, Merle McCann, Devite Mclean and our Editor in Chief Colin Wilson.

Finally all was revealed at around 11:15pm and the last titleholder, the beautiful Celina Dilbert, crowned
the winners.

Awards: Miss Congeniality: Winsome Johnson, Best Costume: Darene Scott, Miss Beautiful: Lavern Warren, Miss Photogenic: Suzette Nelson, Best Evening Gown:
Merita Connor
Overall Winners: Modern Miss: Merita Connor (runner up – Lavern Warren), Bold & Beautiful: Evelyn Walsh (runner up – Gay Joy Ebanks), The Golden Girl: SherrAnn Smith (runner up – Darene Scott).

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