October 27, 2020



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I wonder what it feels like being in the driver’s seat,

And to have such power riding beneath one’s feet?

Knowing the walls could never withstand

The force of the mighty bulldozer.

Did he ever give a thought of how long it had taken

To build those walls that he was breaking?

Walls that could withstand almost anything

Except for the force of the mighty bulldozer.

And what about the friendly outside bar

Where people came from near and far?

To have a drink or dance the night away

Tumbled so easily by the mighty bulldozer.

And the gorgeous pool enjoyed by all,

Young ones, old ones, big and small,

Where swimming was always a pleasure

‘Til it got destroyed by the mighty bulldozer.

And whatever happened to the Barefoot Man and Band?

I hope they weren’t buried in the rubble and sand?

‘Cause we’ll miss the sound of country and calypso

Above the noise of the mighty bulldozer.

I felt real sympathy for the many employees

Who did everything to strengthen their pleas.

To halt destruction of their home away from home

By the knock of the mighty bulldozer.

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