August 1, 2021

The life and turns of Morgan Freeman: Biography & net worth

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Morgan Freeman, born 1937 in Memphis, Tennessee is among Hollywood most respected actors. He has been featured in the big films to recent times, and his success spans several decades since his initial breakthrough. His name is known to both old and young as he has over 40 films under his name.

Morgan’s Net worth

In 2017, Morgan Freeman’s net worth is estimated to be in the upwards of $220 million according to It is estimated that he grossed between $25M-$30M between 2012 and 2013 for his role in Magic of Belle Isle(2012) and the other movies of 2012-2013. His box office estimated revenue is above $2.75M with an average film earning of $65.5M.

Early life, education, and professional career

Morgan Freeman early life was one of a teenager from a low-income household. His father was a barber while the mother was a teacher. He would be sent to the paternal grandmother when his family left for Chicago to look for a better life. His debut in acting started at age 9. He attended Broad Street High School. His discovery of his acting capabilities was discovered when he received punishment for mischief in class. Lecturers forced him to join the drama club in the school. In the play, they found him to be a natural, becoming the best in the competition.

After leaving high school, he went on to join the Air Force after turning down a drama sponsorship. He served in the Air Force for five years from 1955-1959. He was assigned as a mechanic, missing the intended thrill of flying, as he had envisioned. He then left the air Force to scour the world for his acting career.

Having loved movies from a young age, he got screen-exposure to his early-year stars that included Gary Cooper, Sidney Poitier and Spencer Tracy. It wasn’t until 1967 though when he landed his first substantive role in the film Hello, Dolly! In 1971, he was involved in Electric Company, a child show with a focus on reading. The show was canceled in 1976. He has also participated on stage in The Mighty Gents in the late 70’s.

In 1980, Morgan acted in Robert Redford’s film, Brubaker as a crazy inmate. There was a lull of activity after that and was forced to go back to TV for the then soap opera Another World for two hard and long years. 1984 saw him act in Paul Newman’s film.

The big break came in when he featured in Street Smart(1987), earning him a nod in Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Since then, he appeared in many films to present. Some of his notable new appearances were in the action thriller Olympus Olympus Has Fallen(2013), Oblivion and Last Vegas in the same year.

Morgan has earned accolades in the course of his career which include, among others, Best Supporting Actor in Million Dollar Baby(2005), Cecil B. DeMille Award(2012), National Medal Of Arts(2016) presented by President Barack Obama.

Personal life, philanthropy, and hobbies

Morgan runs Rock River Foundation. It is involved in education, notably in Mississippi. Those include Delta State University Foundation, Mississippi State University, Northern Community College, the University of Kentucky among others. Rock River Foundation also supports Arts and Culture notably in Mississippi Museum of Art, Charleston Arts & Revitalisation Effort. He also established PLAN!T NOW that deals with disaster management.

Morgan also has a life outside his work. He is a sailor, a pilot and runs a blues club and restaurant.

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